10 Highlights From The Press Statement Released By Davido’s Lawyers

10 Highlights From The Press Statement Released By Davido’s Lawyers

By Joan Omionawele

Davido who has been in the middle of circumstances surrounding the mysterious death of his close friend, Tagbo Umeike released a statement on Thursday night through his lawyers. Here are 10 major HIGHLIGHTS from the statement.

1. Contrary to the reports going round that Davido was arrested, the statement reveals that he was never arrested, but made himself available to assist the police with its investigation and after a satisfactory
explanation, he was allowed to leave.

2. The video footage was released to disclose the chain of events leading to the discovery of the remains of Mr Tagbo Umeike do not in any way incriminate Davido, but rather absolves him
of any criminal culpability, a fact that the police is aware of.

3. The lawyers also revealed that Davido did not instruct anyone to dump the corpse of Mr Tagbo Umeike anywhere further.

4. The deceased was seen in a drunken and intoxicated state as he was staggering on the people around.

5. Davido tried to convince the deceased to get into his vehicle so as to take him home safely, which Tagbo outrightly refused.

6. The footage further revealed that Davido drove out of the premises of the shisha room.

7. After Davido left, the deceased went back into the Shisha room in the company of most of the people who were all at the car pack at the time of his departure.

8. Davido was not present at the time of death of the deceased neither did he give directives to take the remains of the deceased to the general hospital or Morgue.

9. Davido also had no knowledge of the deceased’s movements after he last saw him at the shisha room.

10. Rather, it was friends of the deceased who out of concern , without Davido’s knowledge, drove the deceased to the hospital , while Davido’ details escorted the deceased car in Davido’s Hilox Pilot truck because they were helping a fellow human being who was in need of help.

Watch this video to see more details on the investigation between the Davido and the Nigerian Police.

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