10 Signs That You Should Relocate

10 Signs That You Should Relocate

By Adeoluwa Atayero

There comes a time in your life when you know its time to make that move and relocate from a current location to new environment but for some reasons, you are hesitant. You keep making flimsy excuses for why it’s not time or why it’s not even necessary for you to make the move. Well, we are here to get you out of your funk! If you fall into one or more of the following categories below, then you need to get up and get packing!

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10. It’s Just Too Far From Your Place Of Work

A long office commute is nothing new but if your office commute feels more like a world tour then you should probably be leaving where you are anyways. Getting home super late and waking up super early can take a toll on you and make you hate the best job. If you can’t find a job next to your home, then you should probably find a home next to your job.

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9. It’s Just Too Far From Your Family

Not everyone is a fan of independence. Some of us like to be surrounded by family and like to be checked up on every now and then. Guess what? There’s nothing wrong with that. If you’ve had enough of the adult life, then move closer to home and be a kid once more.

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8. The Rent Is Not Friendly

There’s no need for you to be living in a place you can’t afford. Its not financially smart and it will eventually frustrate you to no end. When it comes to houses, there will always be a place that is perfect for your pocket you just have to look out well.

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7. Your Ex-Lives Too Close By

If you have no problem living close to your former significant other then this is not an issue. If you, however, feel awkward whenever you bump into your ex while you are trying to live your life then you know what to do.

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6. Lousy Neighbors

Do your neighbors throw a party every weekend? Are they always blasting loud music at ungodly hours of the day? Do they disturb you during their intense copulation sessions? Are always intruding your personal space? Then you need to hit the road Jack!

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5. You Want A Change In Environment

If you can afford your present place and its not too far from your place of work and you don’t have nasty neighbors but then you just need to go, then reason for your discomfort is inside your head. You simply need a change of location and something new to see in the morning when you wake up.

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4. You Need More Space

Maybe you got married or maybe you just had a baby, whatever the case is, you have outgrown the space you currently inhabit. There’s no reason for you to squeeze yourself and live in discomfort. It is time for you to find a new residency and stop stalling!

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3. Your Community Is Changing

Face it, the neighborhood you are living in now is not the neighborhood you moved into. Your old neighbors have moved out and new businesses and companies are moving in. Everywhere is starting to look and feel less homey, my friend, its time to move on.

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2. You Can’t Think Of A Reason To Stay

We are still waiting for you to come up with a reasonable excuse for why you are still living where you are. When you are able to convince us and convince yourself, let us know. Till then, we’ll wait…

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1. Everyone Knows You

While being popular can be cool thing, it can also be tiring. If you are tired of being hailed at every street corner and having to drop N500 every time you drive pass through your street, oga help yourself.

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