10 Signs Your Man Is A Maje In Disguise

10 Signs Your Man Is A Maje In Disguise

By Promise Iwunze

A book of revelations

Toke Makinwa, in a bold move, wrote a tell-all book about her marriage, its ups and downs, to Maje Ayida. The book, while being a must-read for all women, touches on most or all our fears and doubts about men and how they have an inclination to philander.

If you haven’t read the book, we’ve got you covered.

Below are some of the signs a cheating man like Maje typically exhibits.

1. He’s a cradle snatcher

He preys on the young

Dear 18-year-old girl reading this, beware of 28-year-old or older men that want to ‘date’ you. It is a lie! Either they already have one serious girlfriend on the side or they just want to pluck your innocence before anyone else does. Run from them!

Unless you’re a strong woman like Toke and can deal with non-stop crap, he probably won’t hang around longer than a few weeks or months at best.

2. He’s tall, dark and handsome

Michael Power
He is irresistible

The one thing Toke didn’t stop talking about was Maje’s dashing looks. At some point, she even likened him to the popular character that appeared in several commercials back in the day, Michael Power – tall, dark, handsome and adorably bald-headed.

So it’d only be fair for us to warn that you be wary of men that look like that – they are usually no-good and will ruin your life.

3. He does everything right and seems like the perfect man

couple hands
He treats you like the only lady in the world

Ladies, always be at alert and never make the mistake of falling blindly for his seemingly perfect attitude. Behind the charming smile and thoughtful acts like surprising you with cute gifts and suggesting walks down the beach could lie a two-timing cheat, who will cause you nothing but pain.

My dear, start your investigations the day he buys you the first bouquet of flowers, because men like this use some sort of juju to tie you to them after a period of time together.

4. He doesn’t live in the same city as you

He is always on a trip

I beg you, flee from men who live outside of your city. They are either notorious womanizers who make it a habit of getting laid whenever they travel outside their states, or bored boyfriends who are looking for temporary out-of-town distractions from their long-term partners.

5. Out of town means not reachable

phone call
He is unreachable most times

Your baby travels back home and reaching him suddenly becomes a stressful or impossible mission? Girrrrl! He’s hiding something!

6. He doesn’t want to show you his place

He always has an excuse for not giving you his address

You’ve been dating your Onitsha-based bae for two years and have never visited him because of something as little as his permission, or lack of it? Or because of ordinary NYSC that you’re doing in Kaduna? My friend, you better pack your bags and take the next flight (or camel) over there to go investigate and find out if he’s hiding a wife and 2-year-old child from you.

7. He apologizes with flowers and love letters

flowers and letters
He is always sorry

Oh puleasse! Do men like this still exist? This is the most suspicious thing a man could ever do. Why are you going all out to apologize if you really did nothing like you claim? Oga, you’re cheating abeg. Carry your flower and come and be going.

8. He hates PDA

He acts different when you are with him in public

He hates holding hands and doing all those cute couply stuff in public? He walks a few steps ahead of you whenever you are together? You don’t need us to tell you you’re the side piece, do you?

9. He’s every woman’s knight in shining armour

He is chivalrous towards women

Does your bae have a female friend staying over at his place because she has nowhere else to go? Or does he drop some money for his hot female cousin that stayed over night at his place? How cute, right?

My dear, you better open your eyes before you become a paranoid, nagging bitch.

10. He finds a way to blame you for everything

man blames woman
He is always defensive

When you’ve finally managed to figure out he’s nothing but a ten-timing no-good with twelve kids from different women, he finds a way to turn things around and accuse you of pushing him into their arms.

Girrrl! What are you waiting for at this point? Carry your bags and run as fast as your short legs can carry you before you become a bestselling author! (Not that this is such a bad idea though, so maybe you should keep your eyes shut after all).

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