10 Ways Nigerians Will Celebrate The Independence Day Today

10 Ways Nigerians Will Celebrate The Independence Day Today

By Adeoluwa Atayero

Nigerians may complain and whine (rightfully so) about the state of the country, but most of them love the country. Add to the fact that the 57th anniversary of the country’s independence falls on a Sunday, it affords us one more reason to love Naija. Who ever hates one extra day of rest?

Apart from the rest, here are ten other ways we know Nigerians will celebrate the Independence Day today.

1. Wake up to President Buhari’s speech

Like all the presidents behind him, the current one too will give a speech that talks about the unity and individuality of this great country. Nigerians are likely to take the speech with a pinch of salt though.

Watch Vice President Osinabajo conduct a service at the National Ecumenical Centre.

VP also doubles as an ordained minister of God and will surely use today to emphasize how ‘the hand of the Lord rests mightily on this nation’. Amen somebody?

3. Civil servants will go to cheer their state governor on at the stadium

Most of them won’t want to go but they know their September salary depends on it. Sorry o!

4. Some of us will sleep…

Because it’s a public holiday and tomorrow is already canceled.

5. Others will go and join the crowd at the mall.

How do you people manage to enjoy it with all that crowd?

6. Some will even make it to the beach sef

Never mind that sometimes it rains in October

7. Binge out on television series.

All those episodes of GOT that one didn’t have time for…today is the day to catch up.

8. Football!!!

Sunday is football day before. Arsenal is even playing sef… Wenger out!

9. Attend an owambe

Some Nigerians have discovered the cleverness in choosing a public holiday for their parties. You can bet they are more than a few today.

10. But some angry people will stay on social media and point out all of the things that are wrong with Nigeria.

Everytime president Buhari travels to the UK for medicals, what they are re-echoing is that Nigeria is a failed country where nothing works.

— Adeyanju Deji 🇳🇬 (@adeyanjudeji) September 25, 2017

You people need to relax!!!

Happy Independence Day!

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