3 Freakishly-Scary Things We Learnt From ASAP!

3 Freakishly-Scary Things We Learnt From ASAP!

By Iretomiwa Akintunde-Johnson

Scary?! Freakishly scary? Why, scary? Well, death is scary. We saw a video clip for the Anti Substance Abuse Programme (ASAP), and we realised how life-like the story in the video is and how scary the whole substance abuse ‘wahala’ is.

1. One-Chance Bus:

The stories of ‘one-chance’ buses were bone chilling and that is how it is for every parent or anyone who has a young child or teenager in 2019.
2. Death is Horribly Real:

As it turns out, in 2015 alone, 450,000 people in the world died as a result of drug usage! From 2010 to 2015, deaths directly caused by drug abuse increased by an alarming 60%. What?!

3. Drugs Are Everywhere:

Street corners, shops, bus stops all over Nigeria are teeming with sellers of illegal drugs and other substances. Now people don’t even need those drugs, there is a high to be chased from soak away and other weirder things! Eeeew.
But things are looking up! Things like this clip got us thinking and researching. So, hopefully, someone else gets thinking and decides to steer clear of the whole brouhaha!
Watch below:

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