4 Things  Nigerians Should Look Forward To As Noble Igwe’s Tours Nigeria With #1000SmilesWithMaltina

4 Things  Nigerians Should Look Forward To As Noble Igwe’s Tours Nigeria With #1000SmilesWithMaltina

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Ever thought of what makes you smile?

What are the few things in life that actually make you happy?

Well, publicist and media practitioner, Noble Igwe will be visiting several cities across Nigeria in the company of nutritious malt drink, Maltina, documenting trails of our smiles and the stories that led to them!

Here’s why you should follow the the thread:

The Genuine Smiles

Noble with Maltina, will be going to market places, bars and the streets, across Nigeria, meeting people and documenting their smiles,stories and experiences. He will entrench himself in their daily activities thereby initiating and capturing genuine smiles.

Street Scene

Noble will not only be capturing these happy moments but also speaking with Nigerians across the nation about their daily lives, struggles, wins and accomplishments. Content; pictures and videos, from these experiences will be shared across various media touchpoints focusing on the people’s smiles and the reasons for them.

The Tours

The Journey which starts from Lagos to six states, sees Noble Igwe experiencing various cultures, foods, traditions, scenery, languages and of course smiles, will be fun! The tour will give you a front row seat to the lives of everyday Nigerians and the little to large things that make them smile.


Capturing these experiences will mean making a number of cherishable moments and not to worry, these memories will be shared with you, putting a smile on your face courtesy Maltina

Free Drinks

There is no happiness without nourishing Maltina! Yes, we said it, the two go hand in hand! Noble Igwe, alongside Maltina will be giving everyone that comes in contact with the tour, lots of free drinks! Yet another key to happiness right?

So don’t miss the tour when it comes near you! You too might get a chance to share the reasons for all your beautiful smiles!!

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