5 Things No One Tells You About Moving In With Your Partner

5 Things No One Tells You About Moving In With Your Partner

By Stephany Ezeani

Think you want to move in with your significant other? Well, not so fast. Here are 5 things no one probably told you about that major move.

1.You May Not Go Out As Much

If you seem to always go out with your partner, by the time you move in with him, you will realize the rate of your outings will reduce drastically. Before you moved in, the outings were done mainly because you both wanted to see each other, but when you move in, you wouldn’t need to be going out to see him because he’s right there every sleeping and waking hour.

2. You Will See All The Annoying Habits And Cope With Them

No one is perfect, but most times in a relationship, especially at the beginning, people tend. to hide their flaws and annoying habits. However, when you start living together, you spend virtually all your time together and there’s only so much you can hide for so long.

If he snores, or doesn’t fold his clothes or doesn’t close the toilet seat after using it, you will see all of his annoying habits, and would most likely have no choice than to put up with them.

3. There Isn’t Really Any Such Thing As Privacy

You will be in each other’s space. Matter of fact, you won’t even have your space anymore.

4. You Will Have Visitors Whom You May Not Be In The Mood To See

You may not be in the mood for a conversation but you just don’t have to appear rude when his friend or family member pops in, you must offer refreshments and engage yourself in unnecessary small talk because you don’t want to come across as rude.

5. The Sex Game May Change Between You Both

You now share the same apartment, but it doesn’t mean your desire will be constantly at the same level. Sometimes he will just need time to rest from work or may not be in the mood, other times he may just want it more than you do, it all depends on your understanding of each other, the way you relate to your partner sexually when you were not with him is likely going to improve or be slightly different from when you have moved in with him.

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