5 Types of 5-A-Side Football Players

5 Types of 5-A-Side Football Players

By Twixy

A 5-a-side football game features two teams of 5 players (4 outfield players and 1 goalkeeper). Although every team is made up of individuals that bring their own unique spark to the gameplay, players so often fall into one of five stereotypes. Whether you are watching the Betway 5s League games in Ikeja, Surulere or one of the two Lekki pitches, see if you can spot our five types of players in each of the games.

  1. The Star Player: Every 5-a-side game seems to feature one guy who is head and shoulder above the rest. This player will seem to produce the impossible and walk away from every game with a handful of goals.
  2. The Weak link: Whether we admit it or not, there’s always one player you can’t trust with the ball for long. Either way, this player only finds himself useful when there’s no other player around to bench him for.
  3. The Guy who never passes: The wannabe Messi who thinks he can take on the entire opposing team is always a staple in 5-a-side football. These players will often lose the ball with teammates open and in space and will likely blame everyone else before admitting his own mistake.
  4. The Angry Guy: Physicality is important in 5-a-side. However, the Angry Guy will always take this too far. He gets overly physical (Gidigbo style) and will be unlikely to end the season without a few cards to his name.
  5. The Accessory Guy: We all know the one. He’ll arrive fully kitted out with the newest boots, shin pads and one of those activity tracking watches. He will also always be disappointing.

Did we miss a type of 5-a-side player? Let us know in the comments below.

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