A Day-By-Day Guide On Styling The White Shirt

A Day-By-Day Guide On Styling The White Shirt

By Mary Lawrence

In the first part of this article I focused on styling the White Shirt from the angle of buying and accessorizing, here I’ll be focusing more on the day to day styling of the White Shirt; How best to style it for Monday, Tuesday down to Friday and even the weekend. Best believe there are numerous ways to style the classic White that you can practically wear it all year round, every single day, literally (You might want to dedicate a budget to dry cleaning though hehehe)

So I’ll be sharing a few styles you can build on and incorporate into your everyday wear of the classic white shirt in the subsections below.


We all know Monday is the most dreaded day of them all, at least professionally, one thing you don’t want missing in your look is that power suit or blazer Jacket that can take the heat of the day and keep you looking your best every hour of the day; Go with neutral, black or navy if you don’t work in the creative sector. A white shirt paired with suit/blazers is your best shot at a great Monday look (You can take that to the bank).Tuesday

Midi flared skirt or palazzo pants can’t go wrong on a Tuesday, it’s professional and doesn’t have the constraints of suit or blazer, it’s okay to breathe a little fashion-wise. But if you work in a very conservative environment you might still want to have your jacket at a place you can see it from afar ( Because I can’t be the reason you get a query from HR )Wednesday
<img data-attachment-id="47659" data-permalink="http://thenet.ng/hot-photos-lil-kim-performs-for-l-a-gay-crowd/" data-orig-file="" data-orig-size="" data-comments-opened="0" data-image-meta="[]" data-image-title="Hot Photos: Lil' Kim performs for L.A gay crowd" data-image-description="

By Osagie Alonge

The Queen Bee shows us she still got it…photos courtesy The YBF

US rapper Lil’ Kim recently performed for 50,000 plus Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender fans on the Festival grounds in West Hollywood. The rapper later received the ‘Key to the City’ from the Mayor of Los Angeles.

Kim went all out with her performance dressing up a golden cat suit designed by her wardrobe stylist Mr. Bradshaw. Did some one say she looks like Nicki Minaj in it?

The crowd react to Kim’s performance…
Kim rocking a neon yellow dress by Franquie Zeron & shoes by Kristoff Shoes


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Pencil Skirt or Culotte with a white shirt is definitely a dream look for a Wednesday, trust me, you can’t go wrong in them. For the creative risk takers, throw in colours like pink, olive green, royal blue, you’ll be amazed at what you see in the mirror and will get courage to take on the rest of the week in great stridesThursday

Thursday is the almost Friyay day, it’s okay to loosen up and pair your white shirt with tight pants or pinafore/jumpsuit. Like I mentioned earlier there’s no limit to creativity, if you have a sleeveless jumpsuit that you wear to work with a blazer usually, try the White shirt underneath and see if you’ll create something that looks good, at best you make magic, at worst you try something else.Friday

Jean is that Friday uniform workers are always super excited about, make it better, pair a white shirt in fab style with it, if everyone one in the office is wearing jeans, what will make yours stand out if you don’t style it well?
Don’t be scared to be creative here, Ankara print trousers or skirt can even work here if you have a work environment that allows it.Saturday/Sunday

Here you can glam it up with statement jewellery, heels, furs, coats or keep it as casual as tying it crop style and pairing it with shorts and sneakers on a Saturday. In the end, it’s about the occasion and your style personality. Whatever you do make sure your outfit is standing out for the right reasons especially if it’s the creative & chic type.To be honest I can’t talk about styling the classic white shirt in just 2 posts, it’s a book on its own, just keep your style evolving, always remember the classics ( prints, pencil skirts, palazzo pants…) check out the trends, look at what’s popping, and more importantly go with what suits your style personality and you’ll never go wrong while rocking the classic white shirt.

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