All The Hilarious Comments On Twitter About The Peruzzi Versus Pamilerin Case

All The Hilarious Comments On Twitter About The Peruzzi Versus Pamilerin Case

By Mofijesusewa Samuel

Just because Twitter is the place where Nigerians go to bash other Nigerians for bad behavior, we have decided to bring to you the most hilarious tweets we can find. The bad behavior, in this case, is Perruzi slapping Pamilerin in the face while his bouncer held him down because of a tweet the influencer had shared earlier in the year.

Twitter is definitely having none of that behavior and it seems that everything the musician and his management are saying about the situation is only making things worse. Twitter fam are not having his apologies and they are even more upset that he tweeted “nobody holy” as a sort of excuse for his behavior. Most of all, people believe his apology on cool FM was half-assed and some have even asked Pamilerin to sue him.

Anyways, because we know that you would like to know what other people are saying about what’s happening, here are some of the tweets that have caught our attention. They are:

We have all the people calling for Pamilerin to sue:

It’s his opinion. But truly, Teni is actually better than Peruzzi. Going as far as slapping him because of his opinion is a no brainer. Pamilerin is suing. Someone needs to teach all these arrogant one-hit-wonder artists some bitter lesson.

— Wale Adetona (@iSlimfit) June 9, 2019

Whether you like Pamilerin or not and whether you are a fan of Peruzzi or not, we are all agreeing on one thing… Assaulting someone for airing his views is all shades of WRONG and shouldn’t be taken lightly lest it becomes a trend.

— Dr. Phoenix® (@ImeAkan3) June 9, 2019

If Pamilerin does not sue Peruzzi, it’s big fuck up. Cos you are a celebrity does not give you the right to assault anybody. Pamilerin Abeg make some cool cash.

— PÀRLE OF LAGOS (@BolajiParle) June 9, 2019

The ones with the funny tweets:


He hit Pamilerin 😩😩😩😩

— Christopher Haze 🇳🇬 ✈ 🇬🇭 (@Prince__Chris) June 9, 2019

Now that peruzzi have slap pamilerin bcos of a tweet, please who has Anthony Joshua’s number. I just wanna apologize for my ignorant tweets 🙏🏾 Edakun! Eshanu mi

— Eko’s finest Boy 👻 (@OG_Quazy) June 10, 2019

Peruzzi: Hold sombo, hold somebody

Bouncer: *holds Pamilerin

— Pre Malone 🚶🏾 (@young_shegg) June 9, 2019

Did i just hear that Pamilerin who is verified on twitter got some verified slaps from unverified Peruzzi?

— Bros Twittar (@BrosTwittar) June 10, 2019

Pamilerin what did you hear when PERUZZI slapped you

Pamilerin : bri bang bang

— Christopher Haze 🇳🇬 ✈ 🇬🇭 (@Prince__Chris) June 9, 2019

Then there were the ones who were just plain mean:

Someone said the reason Peruzzi slapped and not punched Pamilerin is because he can never blow.

Can you people rest please 😂😂😂

— PreshiOloye (DJ Cuppy’s Future Husband) (@adewalepresh) June 10, 2019

All the people that are also of the opinion that Peruzzi cannot make it without Davido or at least a feature being involved

Pamilerin is trending, Pam Pam is trending but Peruzzi still needs Davido to trend.

Ayam tired 😭😩😭

— PreshiOloye (DJ Cuppy’s Future Husband) (@adewalepresh) June 10, 2019

So #Peruzzi Couldn’t Apologize On His Own, He Had To Feature Davido Before Apology Could Be Made To Pamilerin @thepamilerin

Oshey Peruzzi Mr Feature, Every Where You See Feature Synonymously Use The Word Peruzzi

E.G: Zlatan “Peruzzi” BURNA Boy

— Special One (@Seanskillx) June 10, 2019

Bodyguard had to hold Pamilerin for Perruzi to slap him.

This just further confirms that Perruzi cannot make a hit without being featured

— jé cadre🇳🇬 (@jesstake) June 9, 2019

So Peruzzi had to feature Davido in his apology again? 😂😂😂

What can this guy do alone ?
Dem fit de support am for knacks sef 😂😂

— Grandpa Frank 👴 (@maniac8989) June 10, 2019

And of course, not everyone is against Peruzzi, these Twiter peeps are of the opinion that Pamilerin got what was coming to him

If you don’t know me and you tell me to shut up on the streets, I go give you slap and we go fight, y’all tweet whatever you like without thinking about the other person, as he chop slap now, Shey him mind come down, big ups peruzzi,you for beat am sef #peruzzi

— Phabulous (@Phabpresh) June 10, 2019

Is this not Cyber~bullying?
When you go about trying to bad mouth and ridicule ppl’s hustle, be ready for the consequences, don’t complain, bcos there’s something called “KARMA”#Peruzzi #MondayThoughts #Karma

— Fearless (@NutsBurst) June 10, 2019

#peruzzi truly life of a star no easy. Let’s all put ourselves in peruzzi’s shoe, this pamilerin of a guy has committed cyber bullying. Guys peruzzi too na human being ooo #PeruzziPamilerin

— Olabinjo david (@Olabinjodavid) June 10, 2019

Finally, all the people who have refused to accept Perruzzi and Davido’s apology because it doesn’t seem like they meant it.

The is the most non apology in the history of non apologies.

— Oluwapower (@OluniyiGates) June 10, 2019

An apology with BUT basically means go fuck yourself.

— Dr. Dípò Awójídé (@OgbeniDipo) June 10, 2019

This conversation between Peruzzi and Davido shows that he is not genuinely sorry for his apology to Pamilerin. Listen as he asked Davido how slapping Pampam is an assault😌

— Kemi Ariyo (@d_problemsolver) June 10, 2019

Nigerians are very skilled at saying ‘sorry’ but telling you why they believe you deserve what they did to you. If your apology attempts to justify the wrong, don’t issue it. Smh.

— Chidi Okereke (@Chydee) June 10, 2019

Then there were all the people that came for Peruzzi saying “nobody holy” as part of his apology

Everything is ok now guys. Nobody holy apparently.

— One guy from Sapele (@a_ree_don) June 10, 2019

Fraud- nobody holy
Corruption- nobody holy
Battery- nobody holy

Line used by unremorseful people to make themselves feel better about the wrong they’ve done and to shut down public outcry.

— Kosisochukwu (@Mizz_tical) June 10, 2019

This “nobody holy” excuse has to go. First y’all used it to justify fraud and now y’all are using it to justify assault. What next?

— ✨ (@Chidinma_xo) June 10, 2019

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