Another day, another domestic abuse accusation: record label owner accused by wife of attempting to murder her

Another day, another domestic abuse accusation: record label owner accused by wife of attempting to murder her

By Feyisayo Oladipo

Foston and Ajoke in one of their pre-wedding photos.

Like Tonto Dikeh, the wife of Patoraking’s record label Foston Utomi, Ajoke Utomi has accused her estranged husband of domestic violence.

Writing a series of posts, she revealed how her husband had switched between a loving partner that bought her a Range Rover and an abusive individual that nearly killed her during the last one year.

‘If you think you can post something on a public platform and then come to me in private to say your post is not about me then you must be joking for real. So since you started it I guess is okay for me to come here and ask you “who exactly is your post directed to then”? Awww are you feeling salty cos I left you? Feeling salty cos I rejected all your pathetic pleas for me to come back to you? Only a few people know what a monster you really are, and most of them can’t tell you the truth cos you are feeding them. You said it yourself that through out our relationship and marriage I never did anything wrong to you (I have all the screen shots), I never cheated on you, never talked back at you, never wronged you. Despite the fact you did unimaginable things to me,all I did was look for new ways to love you everyday. I walk around smiling, trying to be strong for my son but only I know how You have destroyed me, if my scars ever heal it would be a true miracle. Now to whoever this ghost account “hayoxy” is (I swear on my life and my entire family that I have no idea who it is, I’m not following Foston so I didn’t even see the post until he sent me the screenshot) thank you but you honestly don’t even need to fight for me. I haven’t cried in almost 4 months now, that’s enough proof that God has already fought for me. Now back to your post sir Uba, you will not have a happy ending oh! What happy ending? Let me just tell you right now- it’s impossible! You beat me nothing less than 20 times in 3 yrs and attempted to murder me (MURDER) 3 times and you think you will know peace? It doesn’t matter how much you have, unless your parents take you to a mountain for deliverance you will end up killing yourself mark my words. You bought me a Range Rover so you may buy your next girl (victim) a Bentley when you find her sure she will enjoy financial bliss but she will pay dearly for you are cursed. You know I’m your heart I was never with you for money, when we started I didn’t even know who you were, I hadn’t even heard Patoranking’s Alubarika, my intentions and love was pure until I finally saw that you didn’t deserve it. Respect yourself!’

She then shared a photo of herself, bleeding after one of such beatings from her husband.


Ajoke has since deleted the posts, uploading a new one thanking people for sympathizing with her and insisting that she only shared her story because she was tired of lying, not that she was seeking attention.

I wish everyone a blessed day

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