‘As an upcoming actor you have to be patient’ – Doris Simeon

‘As an upcoming actor you have to be patient’ – Doris Simeon

By Lukmon Fasasi


The Nigerian movie industry is competitive and holds much potential for all acts, though, many do not hit it big.

With this in mind, Nollywood actress, Doris Simeon, believes up and coming acts have to be patient to reach stardom.

And she shared her insight on how they can make it in the industry in an interview with Saturday Beats.

‘When you are coming into the industry, you have to be very patient if not, you would not get anywhere.

‘You would just realise that the same way you rushed in would be the same way you rushed out.

‘But if you know your onions, you would know how to handle the challenges that come with the job.

‘When you are patient and you know what you are doing, you would excel in the industry.’

Simeon also talked about the stress of being an actor, director and producer in Nollywood.

‘It is not easy for an actress to be the producer, director and also a cast of a movie but if you have the money, you do not need to go through that stress.

‘It would be easier to accomplish the project because you would be able to employ the people that ought to do the job.’

She continued, ‘If you do not have the money, you have to face the stress.

‘When such a thing happens, it takes the grace of God for the actor to maintain his sanity because it is not easy.’

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