Blogger Marii Pazz’s Chic Take On The All-White Trend

Blogger Marii Pazz’s Chic Take On The All-White Trend

By 234 Star

We all love a good all-white look. That crisp and chic immaculate vibe it gives off is to die for. But a whole lot of us stay as far away from white outfits for a number of reasons. The major one being that it is highly prone to stains; another being that we simply do not want to risk looking like we’re dressed for First Holy Communion.

Be that as it may, a well styled all-white look is always a win in our books and blogger Marii Pazz knows this.

The stylish blogger has been serving a variety of fab white looks on her Instagram feed and we’re head over heels in love with every one of them.

First she wore this UVM Collection blazer dress, accessorising with a hat, purse, fishnet socks and pumps.

Then she switched to a power suit by Pretty Little Things paired with a Gucci waist purse, statement sunnies, bold earrings and gold chains.

By Theodore Nyingifa


On September 18, 2012, I visited a popular music site, hoping to find some new Nigerian music videos, and find one, I did.

It was the Nigerian version of ‘Hold Me Back’ by American rapper Rick Ross, shot here in Nigeria during Ross’s recent brief visit for a concert.

The above might not seem like a big deal, especially for those who haven’t seen the video, but for those who have, you will know why this particular video made headlines on newspapers, magazines and blogs across the nation. For those who know nothing about the song and the video, let me attempt to describe it as clearly as possible.

The Song ‘Hold Me Back’ is more like a protest rap song which talks about the neglect of the masses. In the song, Rick Ross talks about hustling, doing whatever you can to get by, which, in the US, often means selling drugs and bootlegging. The song goes on to protest against government policies that don’t favour the poor, generally talking about people struggling to survive, etc. All of the above sounds interesting, right? I agree, but let’s get to my point.

The American version of ‘Hold Me Back’ was shot in what appeared to be a ghetto, featuring scenes with ladies running wild, guys looking ferocious and gangsters all over the place, mostly black people. Even if you haven’t visited the US, you’ve probably seen a movie or a music video that depicted their ‘Ghetto’ or their slums (Our own Ajegunles and Iyanaworos etc.) Well, most of the houses in the American ghetto can still fit into our regular neighborhoods and not be particularly noticed. (Watch video below)

Now let’s fast forward to the Nigerian version. It was shot in one of the popular Lagos slums, Iyana Oworo, an area that clearly depicts poverty in its raw state, where most houses are built with wood and many of occupants depend on petty trading and artisanship. The video showed hungry children crying, some children hawkers chasing Rick Ross’ SUV, street urchins (area boys) gathered around, women cooking with firewood, etc. The video began with an old clip of Gen. Gowon declaring victory after the civil war, that killed millions of Nigerians. This presented the kind of picture CNN and BBC will like to air when refer to poverty and suffering in Africa. (See Video below)

So why are people offended? Why should they be? A lot has been said about this issue, even many celebrities have come forward to give Rick Ross aka Rozay a ‘thumbs up’ for exposing the plight of the Nigerian masses! They seem convinced that the rapper is concerned about the plight of the Nigerian masses. If you believe that, then you are one of those who believe our leaders are not in government to enrich themselves; it is the most ridiculous thought ever!

Let us ask ourselves some very important questions; Why did he choose that particular song and venue, after driving through Victoria Island and lodging in a 5 star hotel? What did the civil war have to do with anything? He came to perform at a Summer Jam concert on an expensive bill, so what did that have to do with the ‘Hold Me Back’ song? As a wealthy rapper, what has he done to help the plight of the poor, at home or abroad? What did Rick Ross give to or do for the community where the video was shot? You may or may not know the answers to these questions, but let me tell you this; in the words invented by the Americans themselves; Rozay doesn’t give a f*ck about the Nigerian masses!

Ever wondered why the international media is always interested in promoting materials that depict poverty and suffering when referring to Africa, and why only paid adverts showcase the beautiful parts? It’s just the way they have chosen to see and picture us; inferior and backward. So why on earth should we give kudos to someone we paid and hosted in the most comfortable means possible, who then decided not share his beautiful experience with the world but promote a cause he knows nothing about, or an experience he never really had? If you follow Rick Ross and have seen most of his videos, he prides himself with tales of living large with exotic cars, houses, wines and beautiful ladies. Why did he then choose to shoot the direct opposite in Nigeria? Black or not, he is as bad as the rest of those who only want to show the world a backward, poverty stricken Africa.

If Jay Z had shot the ‘Hold Me Back’ video I’d have given him kudos, because I know he wouldn’t have left the community in the same sate he found it, as he has been part of many charity projects. In 2006 Jay Z teamed up with the United Nation (UN) and MTV for the ‘Water For Life’ project which saw him visiting Nigeria to help with the provision of potable water. This is a rapper who built an empire from scratch and is in some way positively affecting the lives of others, not an obese rapper who raps about struggling to live the ‘Good Life’ and yet can’t truly inspire others to do the same.

As the saying goes; ‘One does not leave the house of a good host, only to spread tales of his dirty rest room.’ That said, Rick Ross is a bad guest, and deserves no praise whatsoever. Nigeria and Nigerians were a good host to Rick Ross, which he testified to. What then did he take back home from his visit; a video that shows Nigerians suffering, in a state of abject poverty! Safe to say the world will see it as Rozay’s experience in Nigeria, and then what? Others will look forward to visiting as well? Please! Let’s not even get it twisted, the major reason most of these international artistes come to Nigeria is because of the fat cheques they get, save for people like Wyclef Jean, who has shown true love to Nigeria.

Nigerian artistes and Nigerians in general should wake up; nobody can tell your story better, let alone a stranger you paid and fed.That we have issues as a nation is not news, but do we carry this on our faces or sing it to the world for solutions? Hell no! How we deal with our issues as a nation should be entirely our business, not for a foreigner with no knowledge of our history as a nation.

Rick Ross, or Rozay, or whatever it is they call him, was and is a bad guest and certainly not a friend of ours. He should get very hard knocks on his round head instead of undeserved accolades.


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Her third look featured a plunging white dress that showed off her perfect curves. She paired it with a fur coat, pointy strap heels and bold earrings.

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