Bobrisky: Reactions Trail ‘Male Barbie’s Arrest

Bobrisky: Reactions Trail ‘Male Barbie’s Arrest

By Promise Iwunze

Following news of Bobrisky‘s arrest by the men in black, social media has been in a frenzy and here are the reactions to the incident.

Wen I say oshheey u say baddest….. Oshheey
Jacob:- Baddest
Bobrisky :- jaycurrb wat can u say to my ayters?
Jacob:- They Don arrest my oga….

— Menebari Wikina (@menebari_wikina) November 8, 2017

But why will they arrest BOBRISKY?? What offence did he …sorry what offence did she…. Oya sorry what offence did it commit?

— Ađéđiméji (@DeeTwoGd) November 8, 2017

Just one day in police custody and Bobrisky already looking like a man. See his beard all jumping out.

— Oddlean ⚡ (@OddleOro) November 8, 2017

I don’t understand how people are celebrating because bobrisky got arrested! The man said he is GAY! & so fucking what, don’t you have way more important things to do! What did he ever do to y’all, but to entertain u MOFOS on Snapchat! did he fuck ur dad or something! Bitter ppl

— Ada-Antoinette (@adaanthoneth) November 8, 2017

Incase you didn’t know, this is…
Bobrisky before Police arrest
Bobrisky after Police arrest

— GREAT GRACIOUS (@GreatGracious) November 8, 2017

Last month, a policeman abducted and raped a 14 yr old girl for 6 days till her vaj ruptured. The NPF in the state begged the girl’s parents to forgive the man because “they’re both northerners”
Bobrisky is arrested for being ‘gay’ and suddenly Nigerians know the law. Kmt.

— Flaw. (@goldenwura) November 8, 2017

Which Nigerian should they release?

Retweet for Nnaemeka Meek Mill Kanayo?
Fav for Eedris Bobrisky Okuneye

— VIEWSCHANNEL (@viewschannel) November 8, 2017

So will Bobrisky be jailed in the male section or female section of the prison???

— ThAT YoRUbA Boi (@harbjar) November 8, 2017

Bobrisky finally arrested, that took so long fam

— Amigo (@PapazLagos) November 7, 2017

Nigeria has very high gay porn viewership numbers.
Bobrisky fascinates even men them. And has a good following.

A lot of your very rich men and “yahooboys” play for BumDrillers FC.

But we say we are homophobic.

— Ûgö (@Sir_Fin) November 8, 2017

#Lagos Prison Inmates be like:

Inmates: Bobrisky take off your clothes

Bobrisky: Man’s not Hot

— ADEBOLA (@cute_pecky) November 7, 2017

What I don’t understand is why #Bobrisky skin color changed immediately he got arrested.
Please I need answers.

— Leonard O’Benz (@tHe_cHief_Ben) November 8, 2017

Bobrisky admitting to be gay openly in a country where it is a crime. What a fool

— . (@Ezxmuoh) November 7, 2017

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