Bobrisky Somehow Thinks He’s In Competition With Denrele

Bobrisky Somehow Thinks He’s In Competition With Denrele

By Adeoluwa Atayero


Since Snapchat personality, Bobrisky, has emerged on the social media scene, Nigerian media personality Denrele Edun has had to draw a line in the sand and defend himself against comparisons with Bobrisky time and time again.

Unlike him (or her), Bobrisky has never actually responded to Denrele’s comments about not being in the same lane as Bobrisky. That is, until now.

It all started when one of these troubles making Nigerian trolls tweeted:

Funny Enough
Bobrisky successfully kicked Derenle out of stardom. (Just Saying fact)

— Chris Bassey (@chris4bassey) November 3, 2017

Denrele responded by clapping back with his twenty-two-year media career credentials- something Bobrisky definitely cannot claim.

Thanks for ur analysis but funny enough, can u define Stardom?
Cos I’ve been gaming in d MEDIA INDUSTRY since 1995!
I’m not anybody’s mate!

— Denrele Edun (@DENRELE_EDUN) November 5, 2017

Interestingly, Bobsriksy also repsonded; claiming in his broken English that he’s not in competition with anybody.

But then he went on to claim that he’s the ‘new boss’ and Denrele’s time is over. We just have one question: boss of what exactly?

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