Caroline Danjuma Reveals She Was Dating Tagbo And Backtracks On Claims Davido Killed Him

Caroline Danjuma Reveals She Was Dating Tagbo And Backtracks On Claims Davido Killed Him

By Adeoluwa Atayero

Nollywood actress, Caroline Danjuma, in a recent interview with blogger, Stella Dimoko Korkus, revealed that she and Tagbo were in a relationship.

The actress was in the news recently for calling out Nigerian pop star, Davido, for abadoning Tagbo’s corpse in a hospital after he died in the singer’s car.

In the interview, she also cleared the air about whether or not Tagbo was the father of her child.

Here’s what she had to say about the recent happenings:

‘I really can’t believe that I am talking about Tagbo like this because he was not one who liked publicity. Firstly I would like to address this whole razzmatazz about David killing Tagbo and that i said so. I never said but yes I did call out Davido to know the whereabouts of Tagbo. But I never said he killed him; I never used that word ‘killed Tagbo’.

She then described her shock when she learnt that he had died.

‘I felt bad that I had not called Tagbo because Tuesday was his birthday.I tried calling him but his number was switched off but i thought it was network and continued trying but it was switched off and I concluded that maybe his battery was down. I sent him a text message to wish him Happy Birthday and i went to bed. I woke up at5-6am to do my normal routine and looked at my phone and there was no missed call or reply to my SMS:They day went on and I kept trying his number but until 3pm his number was switched off.

I was out at the Bank when Tagbo’s childhood friend called me and said that he wanted to talk about Tagbo, he was just asking random questions.

I told him I would call him back.I am aware that Tagbo was trying to do his Schengen visa so I called the guy helping him out to ask if she had heard from him but she said Tagbo was supposed to deliver some documents but had not.

I got home and called Kola back around 4pm and this was when Kola revealed to me that Tagbo was dead…I thought it was a joke because Tagbo does not drive carelessly, he doesn’t fight, he is not one to be seen in a place where people are fighting..if he is angry he walks away. I was confused.

In the aftermath of the Tagbo’s death, some reports claimed that he was the father of Caroline’s youngest child.
‘I have woken up to see all sorts of allegations and it is really laughable because the whole idea is to divert the attention form the questions i am asking about what happened to Tagbo. I will address this once and for all.Number one; I met Tagbo when I was legally divorced and out of my ex-husband’s house to start a new life. Yes we were dating.’

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