Different Characters You Must Meet In Lagos Commercial Buses

Different Characters You Must Meet In Lagos Commercial Buses

By Mosope Olumide

Traffic is one of the major characteristics of Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital. Daily, residents of this mega city get caught up with heavy gridlock as they commute to and fro their place of work or businesses.

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As factors like bad roads, an ever-growing population and sometimes reckless driving cause gridlocks which could leave commuters stranded for hours, riding in a commercial bus in Lagos can be a traumatic experience.

However, there are sometimes when riding a bus can be entertaining and engaging as there is no shortage of characters that could make your ride a little more interesting.

Check out these characters you may come across in Lagos commercial buses aka danfos

The Businessmen

These set of passengers are the people who trade on their wares inside the bus. If you commute through Oshodi, you may have seen them. Some pay for their seat, while others just beg to stand in throughout the rise. Their merchandise is usually different types of drugs, the one that will make your hair grow well, the one that would cure kidney or heart diseases and so on.

The Preachers

These set of commuters take every opportunity to evangelise the gospel of their faith, either Christians and Muslims preachers. Some can even be extremely aggressive with their message which sometimes can be hilarious to watch.

The DJs

These ones seem to have misplaced their earpiece or are generous to share their playlist with us. They will play their music out loud throughout the journey and even sing along as if it was a reality show audition. Well, at least it keeps the journey interesting.

The Politicians

These set of people find it easy to spark a conversation. All that needs to be said is the trigger word, ‘This Nigeria sef’, and all hell will be left loose. They seem to have all the ‘facts’ about the government and will argue out any and everything, on whether the governor or president is doing well. Fortunately, elections are around the corner so don’t be too surprised if you encounter them more often.

The Fighters:

For these ones, their stories are usually similar. An individual pays the conductor, then asks for change, the conductor replies there is no change. That’s where the war begins! Individual starts insulting the conductor, the conductor replies and that’s it. The situation escalates real quick and blows begin to fly. There are also scenarios where two passengers could fight either because the seat is too tight or one other issue.

The Loud Phone Callers

Loud phone users in buses sometimes have the most credit, like they are on some special call rate. How can a person be on a call almost throughout a 2 hours ride? especially in a public space? All the money they use for credit, they could have just used it to enter uber and let us have peace. Unfortunately, most don’t use an earpiece or headset making the voice louder, so we end up hearing your business plan, what happened at your workplace, your family is sick or you are about to get married.

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