Eid Mubarak: The 10 Funniest Sallah Tweets

Eid Mubarak: The 10 Funniest Sallah Tweets

By ID Africa

The Sallah celebration has come and gone, but, like every other newsworthy event, the Sallah celebration left some very funny impressions. Here is a rundown of the 10 funniest tweets about Sallah meat, enjoy.

For all those who did not get any meat, You are not alone

RT if you didn’t even smell sallah meat…let’s know ourselves😩😩 pic.twitter.com/amtAZacqB3

— Dat Guy🇳🇬🆖 (@swft_nick) August 22, 2018

Preach on Fam, Christmas is coming

All those our Muslim friends that didn’t give us Sallah meat… I hope you know Mary is already 6 month’s pregnant 😥😒 pic.twitter.com/UmBetQ886t

— UGLIEST FINE DADDY 🍥 (@skizyman) August 22, 2018

Just waiting patiently

How i look at my sisters when they are busy frying Sallah meat😀 pic.twitter.com/HzGjNE60uo

— M U B A R A K (@MubyMuhd__) August 20, 2018

No time for jokes, I’m in severe pain

Me: our ram got stolen overnight o, we are in triple pains, no salah meat again

Friend: how many gig ram did u lose? 4gb or 8gb?

Me: pic.twitter.com/jJ2PFEv5ek

— King 👑 (@theDamorela) August 21, 2018

To those who broke my sallah meat dreams, I’m coming for you all

When salah meat was denied pic.twitter.com/ckbuakZ1Uy

— David Oladipupo Kaiyewu (@kaynis1) August 23, 2018

Guess it’s till next year then

So Las Las, I no come chop Sallah meat today pic.twitter.com/7Ja4mDKp6I

— Small Witch With Big Juju (@__naijaboy__) August 21, 2018

Next time, change location.

Salah in Benin is like Christmas in Sokoto… No meat and rice… #Sallah pic.twitter.com/EB9OCXAJcy

— Akoh Kelvin (@AkohKelvin) August 21, 2018

Oya Turn up

How we rock in my town when we hear: 🎤 “sallah meat is ready”🔊 pic.twitter.com/XOs0OGEehM

— 🧔🏼arodan_anonymous (@me_u_lit) August 21, 2018

Too much juice

Me when I think about all the Sallah meat I am going to eat today #EidMubarak pic.twitter.com/VK44zhcnO3

— Yomi (@Yommie_Scream) August 21, 2018

From all us at IDA, kindly manage this

Nobody…. i repeat Nobody should ask me for Sallah meat again our else what happend in 1980 go repeat it self ooo, just take ur own inside it and leave the rest for odas.

“”God punish poverty💰💰💰
“”Iyanu mashele soon💪💪💪 pic.twitter.com/gLvVDMVykR

— Harameedey (@AHarameedey) August 23, 2018

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