Eight Trends We Spotted At Heineken Lagos Fashion Week 2018

Eight Trends We Spotted At Heineken Lagos Fashion Week 2018

By Njideka Akabogu

Fashion Weeks all over the world are known to set the tone for what people will be wearing in the following months. And this is true for not just the new collections that are showcased on the runway but also for the fabulously dressed attendees on the street style scene.

At the just concluded Heineken Lagos Fashion Week, we spotted a number of trends on and off the runway that we have no doubt we will be seeing a lot of in months to come.

Aso oke

If you thought asooke had a good outing at the 2017 Lagos Fashion Week, well it had an even bigger outing this year. A good number of the designers who showcased this year adopted the local fabric, infusing it into a few of their pieces or making it the dominating theme in their collection. From Emmy Kasbit who has made the fabric his signature to Elie Kuame, House of Deola, Cynthia Abila, Denike and more – everyone wanted a piece of the gorgeous African fabric. Even more interesting was the versatility of the designs created with it.

For the men, skin is in!

On and off the runway, the men were showing skiiiiin and we loved it! Whether they were wearing short shorts, sheer fabrics or leaving more than half of their buttons open, or wearing thongs as in Maxivive’s show, the boys showed they were tired of being left on the sidelines of the skin showing business.


The bright colour appeared in different shades everywhere we looked.

Biker Shorts

This is one trend that doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere. From the models off-duty to attendees, the street was littered with people wearing biker shorts in a variety of colours. NACK Apparel also infused the trend in his collection, so did XII G and a couple of others.

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By Ibiene George

The drama over Nigeria’s ailing First Lady Dame Patience Jonathan seems to be endless.Currently, Mrs Jonathan is said to be battling Parkinson Disease a disease that affects the nervous system and leads to the break down of the nerves resulting in progressive impairment and disorder movement.

Some sources claim that persons close to the First Lady made this revelation known, adding that she had managed it over time but might have degenerated further leading to her rather quick trip to Germany.

Meanwhile initial stories made several claims to the nature of her illness ranging from food poisoning to appendix and tummy tuck.

Although the President Goodluck has been mute over the health condition of his wife, there were speculations that he may have made a secret trip to see his ailing wife abroad a few weeks ago.

No word yet from the official quarters

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But even more importantly, Latasha Ngwube showed us that even the curvy girls can absolutely pull off this trend.


Wide-brim, berets, fascinators. There was a major hat attack going on at the Heineken Lagos Fashion Week 2018.

Coloured hair

Denola Grey, Adedeji Abidemi, Nancy Isime and more fashionistas showed us that black hair just might be going out of style.


Mai Atafo and Tokyo James took layering to a level that we absolutely live for, and so did a couple of fashionistas we spotted on the street style scene. I mean why wear one piece of cloth when you can wear three or five?


<img data-attachment-id="61854" data-permalink="http://thenet.ng/join-the-conversation-when-is-cheating-cheating-in-a-relationship/" data-orig-file="" data-orig-size="" data-comments-opened="0" data-image-meta="[]" data-image-title="Join the conversation: When is cheating cheating in a relationship?" data-image-description='

By Ibiene George

At one point or the other every dating or married person may have used this words ‘she cheated on me or he is cheating on me’.

However it has been observed that the definition of the word ‘cheat’ differs. So I took this curious question ‘is sexual involvement the only definition of cheating or is having a particular type of closeness to the opposite sex also cheating’?

I went out to the streets to sample the opinions of Nigerians. You’ll be amazed at the responses.

Ayodeji Dalumo said ‘well I guess if you can’t confide in your partner then it is an indication of losing interest in that partner. Losing interest leads to sharing your deepest secrets and desires with another and to me that is kind of cheating’

Another young man Abiola Adekoya says he believes that ‘a person can cheat on his or her partner by spending quality time with another person. It is not until he has sex with a person. We can say we have sexual cheating, emotional cheating. Cheating is not only about sex, it’s about intimacy which may just be confiding in another person’.

Uzochi George on her part said that sexual involvement is the only criteria for cheating.

Ogbonnaya kalu a staff of FRCN however disagrees, insisting that that any form of intimacy is cheating.

Emmanuel David said ‘cheating is when you consciously do that thing that you and your spouse had verbally or intuitively agreed not to do behind each other’

Mrs. Georgina said ‘either ways is cheating if you go by the biblical way; it is a sin to tell someone things that you cannot tell your spouse.

Collins Akallonu said sexual involvement is the only definition of cheating because ‘you can’t have sex with your close friend even though you can tell them things’

‘My dear if he is simply leaving you out of the picture he is cheating on you and you can cheat in many ways, financial, emotional sexual and likes’, an architect, Yvonne says.

Although most of those interviewed were on the view that sex was the peak of infidelity and cheating, some others argued that a close relationship with another person other than your spouse could also be considered cheating.

So, what is cheating to you? Join the conversation…

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South African designer Maxhosa By Laduma showed us once again this year that no one does knitwear quite like him but he wasn’t the only designer who hit the runway with the trend. And even off the runway, we had a few sightings of the trend that made us want to hop on it ASAP!

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