Eminem Sets New YouTube Record With ‘Killshot’ Diss Song

Eminem Sets New YouTube Record With ‘Killshot’ Diss Song

By Olamide Ayo-Olumoko

American rapper Eminem has continued to ‘win’ with his firey diss track aimed at rapper Machine Gun Kelly.

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According to Billboard Slim Shady’s “Killshot” raked in a record 38.1 million views in its first 24 hours, making it YouTube’s biggest Hip Hop video debut and its third biggest overall debut in the platform’s history.

The record is a response to an earlier diss track by MGK titled ‘Rap Devil’ after the Detroit born rapper had earlier thrown jabs at MGK in his surprise ‘Kamikaze’ album.

After MGK dropped his record criticism Eminem for being a 45-year-old cry baby, there were a lot of speculations on whether the rap legend was going respond to the 28-year-old.

In a recent interview with Sway Calloway, Em was on the fence on whether he’d retaliate.

The track has also broken the record for 1million Genious page views in 8 hours, topping Pusha T’s ‘Story of Adidon’ aimed at Drake, which took 41 hours to amass 1million views.

Killshot is expected to debut at No. 24 on the Billboard 100 Chart, which will make it the first record to enter the top 25 with only YouTube Streams and just 2days on Streaming platforms.

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