Family Drama: Blac Chyna’s Mother Calls Her Out On Social Media

Family Drama: Blac Chyna’s Mother Calls Her Out On Social Media

By Adeoluwa Atayero

Blac Chyna‘s mother, Tokyo Toni, recently called out her out on Instagram in a series of videos. According to Toni, Chyna has lost her way and has deprived her from seeing her two grandchildren, King Cairo Stevenson and Dream Kardashian.

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Here’s what she said:

‘Two years in a row. I’m going on my second year of not seeing my grands.Yes, they are her children. And I’m not the only person that deals with this s–t. Hollywood is so demon-filled, it changes people. We was just chilling. I was just on [her] reality show. I’ve cried my last tear. Now, I’m angry. My kid is gone and I’m gonna accept that. I don’t know what her problem is but you b—-es in California, get the f–k away from her.Oh, I can’t take you away from her because she’s a grown a– b—h? But I tell you this, if any f–king thing happen to her, I’m going to f–king jail for life. Get them away from you, Chyna. That n—- too.”I walk alone but yet you put all these people in front of me. Your friends you hang [with] are pieces of s–t. They will send you to hell rob you and f–k your man and your woman,” Toni wrote in the caption of one video. “You could’ve given me a call [as] opposed to going online. What’s really going on? Who is really in your head? Who was really on the phone or standing there coaching you, from what it sounded like to me. You still have not called and apologize to me. I did nothing to you but love you raise you protect you and be your f–king foot stool b—h. You have these yes b—hes around you all… day they don’t give a f–k about you. It’s obvious dummy [sic].I have to talk to you on online!!Well, I am about to do an interview with whom ever for a check now [sic]… I remember asking you for $20 not long ago and didn’t get a response. I remember telling you I was starving to death it felt like my stomach was going to fall to the floor and never got a response. I told you I was stuck in the snow with no gas in my car, I called you and no response. I spoke with you on the phone maybe three to four times otherwise I have to talk to you through your assistant. What mother has to do that!!! Don’t worry, the first person they get $200,000, I’m coming through no love lost. She raged war against me, her mother, the only b—h breathing that will f–king die for her funky a–.I took 424 million people — those are the Kardashians fans — on. But b—h, I’m still here for you. You better come to me and apologize on your f–king knees.’

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You can watch Toni’s videos below:

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