Fashionista Memo: My Love Story With Scarves

Fashionista Memo: My Love Story With Scarves

By Chisimdi Nzotta

Scarves have always been my thing. I remember first getting attracted to the fashion piece about 15 years ago when my friend Abigail would always tie a burgundy scarf (basically for religious reasons). I fell in love with the fit and aesthetics, not the religious attachment as you can already guess. So I literally begged for one hehehe. Thankfully she had an extra one and gifted it to me.
Looking back at how my scarf styles have evolved, I will say what I thought to be my first love for scarves was actually an infatuation and not the real thing because after losing that scarf 2 weeks after and losing touch with my BFF, I completely forgot about scarves. I guess it’s right to say my exploration of scarves really began in Uni. Scarves gradually became the accessories I couldn’t part with, fashion pieces I look out for at the store and the style props that make my closet a fashionista’s. Check out the amazing roles scarves play in my style story and why I’ll always love scarves belowWarmth
I really can’t express with words how many times scarves have rescued me from cold, I’m talking about that kind of double digit minus cold you get in New York. There were times the cold was literally icing my face and I pull up my scarf to make a pseudo-face mask and get immediate relief that even hoodie couldn’t give. Sometimes I think I never really understood the essence of scarves until I experienced winter.Layering/Prop Effect

Beyond functionality; giving warmth among other things, I think scarves and layering are two sides of a coin. So whether it’s for the extreme or mild cold, what matters is that I’m using the right scarf; light or thick. Same goes for a lot of outfits. I mean, I always thought white and denim made a complete outfit until I saw fashion entrepreneur, Jane Michael style it with a colourful scarf and realized all the fashion glam anyone needs might as just be hidden in a scarfSuper Affordable/Accessible

One fashion piece I never have to worry about budgeting for is the scarf. A lot of times, I think it’s ridiculously affordable especially for a piece that can literally take my look from zero to hero. Although there are designer scarfs that are pricey, I still get great deals from the
Thrift & discount stores around, Even markets have great deals too. You’ll be surprised how much you too can save on the scarves when you try shopping for them.Backup Plan/Emergency Accessory

We all know every lady needs a style backup plan, from spilt tea to unexpected period, the list is endless and If I am to give a save the day award to any of the fashion pieces I own, it will definitely go to my scarves. The awesome part is that the scarf almost always looks in place and planned. Even if I’m stuck in the boardroom but I need to switch my look to Wakanda style later, I’m confident that my scarf is good and ready to help me pull it off.Fashion Freedom

Nothing beats a piece that allows me to create and recreate looks. With scarves, I can explore my fashion creativity
If there are any impact scarves have had on me, it’s that of making me a better fashionista and giving my creativity a room to explore. One day I can create a head wrap from the scarf, another day I can a neck wrap/ layer out of it.Scarves have a long history with fashion, from being Roman clean clothes to military ceremonial outfits and everyday street style fashion, but you’ll be amazed that it is one fashion piece that is undervalued. Probably because it is everywhere and not necessarily pricy. Ultimately whether you choose to get your scarf from the thrift or designer store is not the real deal, what matters most is how you rock it and what you’re able to get out of it. You’ll be surprised how that 500 Naira scarf can be all the prop your designer dress needs to pop.

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