Femi Fani Kayode Reacts To News That He Abuses His Wife Domestically And Other Allegations

Femi Fani Kayode Reacts To News That He Abuses His Wife Domestically And Other Allegations

By Mofijesusewa Samuel

Oneline publication Sahara Reporters published a story that claimed that a source had informed them that not only does Fani-Kayode abuse his wife, he has also called her an infidel and refused to accept the pregnancy of triplets that she has for him.

The report read; “in reality, unknown to many Fani-Kayode had accused his wife of infidelity. The woman, disclosed family sources, is said to be pregnant with a set of triplets. However, the husband is said to be denying responsibility. The former minister, in a text message to members of his family and friends to him and his wife, said he was “reliably informed that the children Precious is carrying are not mine”. The man responsible for the pregnancy, said Mr. Fani-Kayode, is a US-based disc jockey”.

They also claimed that he had requested that his friends do not render his wife Precious any assistance, stating that he had sent a text to his friends that read “I urge you to please cut off from her and not to help her in any way. She has told the world that you intend to help her with money and I urge you to be very wary of doing so. No friend of hers can remain mine. I urge you to be very careful of this mad, ungrateful, deceitful and treacherous woman”. The former minister was said to have also collected her G-Wagon, withdrew her police escort as well as chased her out of their home as she now lives in her boutique.

Sahara reporters are also claiming that Fani-Kayode is using the prophecy given by Apostle Suleiman to cover his marriage that is on the rocks and his abuse of his wife. They proceeded to say that the prophecy of the apostle was fake. They went on to counter Fani Kayode’s recent Facebook posts claiming that it was a screen to cover up his evil doings as he had done the same with his former wives and all his estranged kids.

However, Fani Kayode refuses to sit quietly while he is being maligned and took to Twitter to address the situation. He wrote

It is obvious that @SaharaReporters have nothing better to do than to fabricate malicious stories. Their shameful story about my marriage to @Snowhitey1 and my children is fake news. People are being killed and our country destroyed and that is the garbage they write? GROW UP!

— Femi Fani-Kayode (@realFFK) January 5, 2018

Then he added

Why are @SaharaReporters so desperate to discredit and raise question marks about Apostle Suleman’s prophecy that there is a plan to kidnap and assasinate my wife @Snowhitey1 this year? Are they part of the conspiracy? Are they and Buhari planning it together? They will fail!

— Femi Fani-Kayode (@realFFK) January 5, 2018

However, the question arises as to who is saying the truth as this is purely a case of ‘your word against mine’.

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