#Fever: Five Reasons Why Sex With A Younger Man Is The Best Sex You’ll Ever Have

#Fever: Five Reasons Why Sex With A Younger Man Is The Best Sex You’ll Ever Have

By 234 Star

There’s an age-long saying that you haven’t really had sex until you’ve been to bed with a younger man. Okay, okay, there’s actually no such saying but for the life of me, I can’t understand why no one ever thought of making it one because in reality, no truer words have been spoken.

Dating a younger man is one of those things that society usually turns up a nose at (well, except the younger man is Prince Harry), but no matter how you feel or don’t feel about the concept of “dating down”, you should absolutely consider getting in the sack with a man who is a few years younger than you. Here’s why:

1. Your orgasm comes first

Maybe it stems from a need to make up for what they supposedly lack in years, but you’ll find that a younger man is usually more willing to please. He puts your satisfaction first and takes his time to ensure that you reach the heights of your pleasure before even thinking about his own. And the orgasms are as mind-blowing as they come. You won’t feel your legs when he’s done with you!

2. He’s VERY adventurous

You know all your wildest fantasies that hitherto you’ve been shy to share with your older lovers lest they consider you a freak? Good news: you don’t have to hide them when you’re with a younger man. He’s willing to go the extra mile – try it in a dimly lit cinema hall, finger you under the table at dinner in a crowded restaurant or play your slave if that’s what rocks your boat.

3. His energy level is through the roof!

By Osagie Alonge

Popular for her mastery at delivering on-screen, actress, Nse Ikpe-Etim is unarguably one of Nollywood’s best dressed, having showed up in few breath taking outfits, Nse seems to have a feel of it all and knows just how to rock outfits.

Here is a quick run through of some Red Carpet moments with her…

Nse at the ‘Damage’ movie premiere 2011

Except for her busy hands, Nse looks stunning in this short white dress she wore to the premier of Damage. The red lipstick seemed like a good option considering her complexion and time of event.

Her choice of blue as colour for accessories paid off when related to the carpet’s red colour and the glamour that is expected of red carpet events.

Verdict: 5/10

Nse at the ‘Phone Swap’ movie preview 2011

Nse’s crispy white shirt topped on a black jeans gives a feel of the lady from another point apart from the screen and red carpet she is usually seen. This look shows her versatility and strength to rock different outfits.

Nse scores a 8/10 with this look.

Nse at the launch of JARA TV, 2011

Again, Nse’s hair style looks amazing as they fall right on her silky black dress. The gathers on the chest of the dress calls for no need for neck accessories and she seemed to know that.

Her pink purse no doubt is a jumpy for the black outfit.

Verdict: 6/10

Nse at the ‘Phone Swap’ movie premiere, 2012

This monochromatic gown is no doubt a red carpet delight for any celebrity especially one that has got Nse’s body type. All seems just okay with it, the hair style which was calm enough for the dramatic gown and her choice for few accessories sealed the look.

The brightly white gown with a sheer material at the back looked resplendent on the red carpet.

Verdict: 9/10

Nse at the youth lunch with GEJ, 2011

Nse totally hits the wrong note here, dressed in a black camisole and jacket but with the wrong choice of trousers, which doesn’t look like her size. The trousers even covers her shoes which left us wondering whether this was a last minute resort.

Considering the event being a lunch with a personality like the President, this look is a flop and a pair of smart looking and right-sized trousers would have saved the day.

Verdict: 3/10

Nse at the African Movie Academy Awards 2012

When she showed up on the red carpet of the 2012 AMA awards, heads turned at the sight of Nse in a black fish tail feathered dress that had sheer material on its chest. The dress which is designed by Ugonna Omeruo of House of Nwocha, confirmed that Nse was ready to move her fashion forward.

Her hairstyle however, did not seem to favour the total look, especially with the choice of stud earrings, since dropping earrings are known to work best with up-do hairstyles. Her gold bangle and belt blended well with the black dress. Dramatic outfits like this require less accessories and Nse got the message.

Nse scores a 7/10 with this outfit.

Nse at The Headies 2011

Starting with the hair, Nse looks stunning with this style which totally complements the black mono strap jump suit she has on. The silver shoes, belt and earrings seem to have a perfect blend with the colour of the outfit.

However, the missing purse of bag watered the outfit as the mobile phones do not in any way look like accessories. Again, the red carpet expects of the guests to know how to pose. This pose does not seem to do justice to the outfit or Nse herself.

Verdict: 4/10

Nse at the ‘Kiss and Tell’ movie premiere, 2011

Nse rocks this grey tube gown with a smile that’s charming enough to award her a queen. Her bag and shoes add colour to the gown with and her decision not to accessorise too much knowing that the wine tape on the gowns edge and the belly rope are enough to draw the needed attention.

Verdict: 6/10

Nse at the Psqaure ‘Invasion’ album concert, 2011

Pink colours are usually a delight to see on fair complexioned people, so when Nse rocked a pink blazer-blouse to Psquare’s invasion album launch, she looked amazing and the pants seemed like a perfect choice. Except for the hair which looked rather too busy for the look, Nse looks relaxed and beautiful.

Verdict: 6/10

Nse at the ‘Guilty Pleasures’ movie premiere, 2009

Open back dresses are known to exude the female power in all its ramification, this is what seems to be the case with Nse in this O.B.D she wore to the premier of Emem Isong’s ‘Guilty Pleasures’ movie.

The black dress was a combination of silk and sheer fabrics both of which blended with the actress’ complexion and since it was an evening event, she shone, especially with her blue feathered purse and shoes.

Nse scores a 8/10 with this look.

Nse at the ‘Mr and Mrs’ movie premiere, 2012

This grey mono-strap dress looks lovely especially with her complexion and the event being an evening one. The combination of her clutch purse and the dress’ waist band seems just right too but would have been better off with a pair of black shoes over the grey she has on. Drop earrings are a darling with dresses of this nature and with cropped or up-do hair styles like the one she has on.

Again, busy hands are not a delight when taking pictures on red carpet pictures, excess luggage must either be left at home, in the car or stuffed in the purse. Meanwhile, Nse does great with hair of darker shades unlike the one she has on here. Great outfit, though with a perfect smile to knock it.

Nse scores 5/10 with this look.

Nse at the Complete Fashion Style Night, 2012

After her appearance at the AMAA, Nse came with a comeback with a bang, wearing a loose alter neck silk gown held together with a brooch. This indeed is fashion taken to the cliff and it she sure rocked the look. Her shoes look odd, though as colours blue and brown aren’t best matched together. The silver wrist bands look perfect with the brooch but the brown earrings blended too much with the outfit which would have been better, were they silver.

Looks like Nse is on a fashion path many of her fans are yet to understand, we wish her safe journey, at least she hasn’t failed yet, especially with this look. And oh yeah, her hairstyle is back to dreads.

Nse scores a 6/10 with this look.


Nse Ikpe Etim seems to be in a search of a style that perhaps will be true to her for a long time which is why she is trying her hands on some including the sexy, daring and the edgy. Her constant change of hairstyles is a proof to this. Nse who one time had afro on, changed to locks and then ‘shuku’ and at the moment seems to be enjoying curly well combed weaves.

Photo Credit: Bella Naija|Neks2u|360nobs

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What rounds? The lines are so blurred that you’d definitely lose count. And you don’t have to worry about him throwing out his back or his waist giving.

4. You call the shots

Nothing beats being in control. You call all the shots here, and he’s all too willing to follow your lead because you know, being with a hot older woman is a dream come true for him. And if calling the shots become a bit exhausting, you can decide to cede some of the control to him.

5. He’ll make the bed

The morning after, or when you go to wash up after the act, be rest assured that you’ll come back to a made bed. There’s just something about younger men and making the bed – or maybe it’s just the ones I’ve met – but who doesn’t love a made bed?

Bonus reason: You just might be the next Gab and Dwyane

I mean, have you seen them?!

So go ahead and unleash your inner cougar, ladies. Your lady parts will thank you for it!

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