Five Things We Hated About MBGN 2017

Five Things We Hated About MBGN 2017

By Adeoluwa Atayero

The new MBGN 2017

The 2017 edition of the Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria pageant gave us much to love- and a few more to hate.

Here are five things that made us think about changing the channel…more than once.

1. It was too long

Live TV broadcasts are the bane of Nigerian events.

— The Jidé Taiwo (@thejidetaiwo) September 15, 2017

Not only did the live televised event not start when it was supposed to, it also dragged on and on and on. IK did his very best to keep the atmosphere light and breezy but the between the judges taking forever to make a decision and the awkward moments where all we saw was the display of the MBGN logo, the event was almost a snooze fest.

2. Models That Can’t Strut? What a Wawu!

Why are they walking like that tho 😌 So sluggish 😫 #MBGN2017

— Bubu (@MzBussiee) September 15, 2017

IK gave a shout out to the person who coached the girls for the event more than a couple times during the show and honestly, we don’t see why. The part of the televised program where the girls were supposed to strut in their evening gowns was so cringeworthy. It was almost like they were just trying the dresses for the first time. Not a good look.

3. The DJ That Knew All The Wrong Songs To Play

What type of song is this Dj playing sef? #MBGN2017

— A S H (@prefer__reefer) September 15, 2017

There are only three letters that can be used to describe MBGN 2017’s DJ: SMH. First of all, one would think that maybe it would be a good idea to play only Nigerian songs at the Most Beautiful Girl In NIGERIA competition. That one was definitely not our DJ. When he wasn’t playing 2010 Nicki Minaj songs, he was playing songs that were so wrong for the moment, it was appalling. Even IK had to make statements like ‘That’s not the type of song we play for our queen’ time and time again. He’ll be very lucky if the organizers paid his balance.

4. Awkward Photo-ops and Product Placements.

#MBGN2017 these ladies are standing in heels while u doing all this shout outs…. Biko e have mercy!!!!

— Flora Azubuike (@MsPhlorah) September 15, 2017

There was also that annoying moment when they called sponsors of the event to come and take pictures with the MBGN At 30 cake right in the middle of the program! What’s worse? They started looking for some people while those poor girls smiled, slayed and suffered. Who is the genius behind all these ideas?

5. Miss Kebbi Is Already So Over It

Why so emotionless?

— KING (@adekunleGOLD) September 15, 2017

When she was announced as the new Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria, Miss Kebbi look particularly disinterested. We are not going to lie, we were expecting her to give us that cliche ‘I can’t believe I won look’ . Some tears wouldn’t have been bad too. But her cold emotionless look was strange to watch.

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