Flora My Flawa: Don’t Judge the Weight Of a Davido Song Until Some Weeks Later

Flora My Flawa: Don’t Judge the Weight Of a Davido Song Until Some Weeks Later

By Vheektor Okpala

Pop star Davido has kicked off his personal account for 2018 with the release of a new single titled “Flora my Flawa”.

With this release, the singer is leaning on the advantage of the Valentines season as the record embodies a typical tale of undying love that soothes the season. This has been Davido’s technique for the past three years.

His biggest song of 2015 titled ‘Aye’ was released in February, same was the case with ‘IF’ which is perhaps his biggest song yet. All of these records became continental hits and an ultimate soundtrack for the Valentines celebration in the year(s) of their release.

There has however been an exception with his 2018 attempt as his latest single has been released to a rather disturbing feedback.

Yesterday we shared a video on our Instagram page requesting the feedback of fans who have listened to the new single. The larger responses were a negative feedback.

Many cited that the singer has become sort of sonically stereotype adding that his hoarse voice didn’t make things any better. While all of these complains are not far from the truth, it is important to recall everyone to the reality as it has been with Davido.

From a reoccurring pattern, one can deduce that Davido’s most recent hits are sleeper hits – you technically grow on them.


Upon its release, quite a number of people didn’t welcome this record with open arms basing complains on the fact that it was an awful replica of ‘IF’. That narrative however changed in less than 72 hours as the song grew to become his second biggest record of 2017 with currently over 40 million YouTube views.


This was also released to a mixed reaction and the larger outcry was based on the fact that it contained an undertone and adlib that is annoyingly similar to Runtown’s ‘Mad Over You’. This didn’t, however, stop FIA from flying. The week that followed birthed a different story. It had already become a global hit!.

So no one can tell for sure if his latest single “Flora my Flawa” is a HIT or a MISS just yet. Give it time – it might just end up becoming your favourite Davido song of all time.

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