From Our Archives: Here Are Things Ladies Should NOT Be Doing To Their Vaginas

From Our Archives: Here Are Things Ladies Should NOT Be Doing To Their Vaginas

By Temitope Adeiye

This is the manual to have you feeling like this

The vagina is a wonderful piece of creation: it covers less than five inches of the human body but is responsible for pleasure, pain and life.

However, this amazing organ is delicate and in 2017, the following are things that every woman should NOT be doing to their vagina.

Please don’t be putting soap in your vagina.

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When your guardian angel sees you’re about to something stupid to your vagina

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When your guardian angel sees you’re about to something stupid to your vagina

Like the eye, it’s a self cleansing organ. Wash with lots of water only.

Don’t be using those feminine washes and sprays.

The vagina should smell like a vagina, not a flower shop. Ditch those chemicals.

For the love of God, don’t douche. Douching upsets its ph balance.

It increases the risks of Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases. Also, douching only pushes bacteria upward your urethra, further increasing the risk of an infection there.

Don’t put sugar in your vagina.

Girl… are you well?

Pouring chocolate or ice-cream on it before getting eaten out is dangerous. You’re risking yeast infection.

Don’t use oil-based lubes ma.

Something must be eating your brain ma for even thinking of this

They’re thick and difficult to wash off your vagina and they can harbor harmful bacteria to grow.

Also, oil based lubes like Vaseline can break the latex of your condom, exposing you to the STIs you were trying to prevent

If you want your hooha to taste good, then don’t take alcohol or smoke cigarettes excessively.


Trim the hair low, but please don’t leave your vagina bald. The hair is a sort of protective covering so leave some.

And please don’t use hair removal creams on it. The chemicals are too harsh for the most sensitive organ in your body.

Don’t let your lover come near you without washing his hands first.

How your ‘Hooha’ should always avoid his dirty fingers

Getting dirty fingers up your vagina is likely to give you an infection.

Please don’t let your vagina suffocate. Go commando when you can and don’t wear panties to bed. Let the vagina breathe please.

Let them breathe baby girl

Don’t wear overly tight panties and bottoms. Apart from suffocating your vagina, they can cause bruises and tenderness down there.

Don’t wear pad for more than eight hours please. Change it, even if it isn’t full. Change it.

Before you get it stinking like LAWMA truck

Don’t use tissue on your vagina if you can avoid it. Moisture can break the tissue paper and the particles can travel up your vagina.

Always wipe from front to back. Wiping back to front can introduce bacteria from your anus to your vagina and that’s bad news.

Not at all I tell you

Do not use any of those soaps or creams in an attempt to ‘tighten’ your vagina. The recommended way to tighten is by doing kegels.

Do not use bleach to wash your panties please. Under no circumstances should bleach come in contact with your panties.

Why are you even bleaching your undies in the first place, ma

There you go. You’re welcome.

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