Happy 57th Birthday To Ekiti’s Ayodele Fayose: Here Are His Best Moments As Governor

Happy 57th Birthday To Ekiti’s Ayodele Fayose: Here Are His Best Moments As Governor

By Promise Iwunze

Ayo Fayose

Ekiti State Governor Ayodele Fayose is always in the news. When he’s not fighting Nigeria’s president Muhammadu Buhari, he’s fighting judges or serving amala.

Today 15th November marks his 57th birthday and is the last birthday he would have as a serving governor as his tenure runs out in October 2018. Who knows, Aso Rock could be his next destination!

Here are a few of his very many memorable moments.

1. Here he is kicking off the Christmas season with a Spider-man’s mask

Ayo Fayose
Spider-man of Ekiti

2. Remember that time he went to address passengers at a train station in China?

Campaigning against his country’s president

3. There was a time that launching a Muslim singer’s musical instruments was an official duty

All white Fayose

4. He also went to beg church people not to vex for him

His Excellency, the humble one

5. He was doing ‘konko-below’ here because his wife donated classrooms – to an old people’s home

Ayo Fayose
Granny and governor grooving

6. Who can forget when he was admiring this lady’s ‘pears’?

Fayose pears
Lovely looking pair… sorry, pear

7. Who does not know he’s the creator of stomach infrastructure?

Stomach infrastructure governor

8. Buying ponmo is serious work for him

Fayose buying ponmo
Fayose buying ponmo

9. Cutting it is even more serious work

He has a thing for meat obviously

10. Have you seen him dissect fish?

Finally, fish

11. What security is better than native hunters?

That time he mobilised hunters to tackle those herdsmen

12. He knows quality palm oil just by looking at it

Proper Yoruba man

13. He’s very generous. So he dashes his citizens chickens for Christmas

Santa Fayose

14. This is the modern drainage system he’s pioneering in his state


15. And here he is in Rivers State, helping Governor Wike commission a road in Port Harcourt

Ekiti could do with more of this

16. Who can forget the day he went to pray to God for help in paying civil servants’ salaries?

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