#Headies2018 : Brymo Is Shaking A Table And We Think Simi Is On It!

#Headies2018 : Brymo Is Shaking A Table And We Think Simi Is On It!

By Adeoluwa Atayero

Alternative singer, Simi, was one of the biggest winners at the recently concluded Headies award. Simi won in the; Recording Of the Year (Joromi), Best R&B Single (Smile For Me) and Album Of the Year (Simisola) categories. While many are excited for what the ‘Joromi’ singer’s wins means for the alternative genre, it would seem that the sentiment is not shared by all.

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Fellow alternative artiste, Brymo, has taken to social media to share some thoughts that many think are directed at Simi. While the ‘Oso’ singer didn’t mention any names, the timing of his latest cryptic messages seems rather convenient.

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According to his latest Instagram post, Brymo claim that he invented the alternative music scene in Nigeria and that the rating of an alternative artiste should be different from that of a mainstream artiste.

Check out his post below:

Brymo then took to Twitter to share some more thoughts on what he thinks alternative music should be.

View Brymo’s cryptic tweets below:

In the Nigerian music scene, the ‘alternative’ was invented by me in 2013 as a cure to the ills of the mainstream, not to be a part of it.. to be ‘alternative’ means that the process of recording, performing, distributing and rating your work is different from the mainstream..

— Olofo’ro (@BrymOlawale) May 6, 2018

‘Alternative’ is more than a genre here, it is a collective of Maverick artistes who have consistently refused to be part of the mediocrity the music industry has been known to dedicate itself to..

— Olofo’ro (@BrymOlawale) May 6, 2018

The ‘alternative’ scene has not yet evolved its own rating system, and musicians in that corner must learn patience, and yet must continue to blaze the trail. The mainstream learns the ethics of the business from us, we must keep the arrangement that way…

— Olofo’ro (@BrymOlawale) May 6, 2018

He then announced that he would be answering questions about the music industry later in the day.

At 1pm, for thirty minutes, I’ll be answering professional questions from artistes and music industry professionals… ask me about songwriting, vocals, production, promotion, stage performance, and even distribution…

— Olofo’ro (@BrymOlawale) May 6, 2018

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