Heineken Nigeria Taps Into The Wanderlust of Young Nigerians With Campaign

Heineken Nigeria Taps Into The Wanderlust of Young Nigerians With Campaign

By Twixy

Nigerians are increasingly treating themselves to summer holidays and heading to some of the most exotic destinations for a vacation experience. This has opened a new world of tourism which has now become a prevailing theme on social media. The world is really big place and no matter how much of a serial traveller you are, chances are that you may never really be able the experience all of the world in one lifetime. But what if you could?

This was probably the thinking when the brilliant minds at Heineken Nigeria, launched the limited edition shazamable bottles which lets users watch a short video and get a feel of the 192 countries Heineken is present in. However, it doesn’t end there, to add more bite to an already exciting initiative, a leaderboard was introduced ranking users who unlocked the most countries, then rewarding top performers with a chance to travel to Amsterdam and 3 other European cities.

This initiative has gained widespread praise for a couple of reason and one of the most commendable aspects is how the campaign not only informs Heineken beer consumers ( the short videos unlocked from the bottles reveal top exotic locations in each country) but also rewards him/her.

While many dream of travelling far and wide, a vast majority may not be able to afford it, leaving them to only dream about their tourism aspirations.

Heineken is somewhat changing this with its #192Countries campaign and many have praised the way it has tapped into this burgeoning love for tourism among the young Nigerians. The premium beer brand clearly understands its target audience and has created an engaging initiative which is informed by the wanderlust nature of this demographic.

If there were any doubts over just how much young Nigerians are excited at the prospect of an all expense paid trip, the number of Heineken bottles Shazamed have quelled such doubts with over 100,000 bottles Shazamed already.

The partnership with Shazam is also particularly interesting as many users are quite familiar with the app. Shazam which gained widespread popularity for identifying the origin of audio files has become one of the most popular smartphone apps on the mobile market.

It’s hard to find fault in what seems to be a well thought out and masterfully executed consumer engagement activity by Heineken Nigeria, and the numbers are validating their genius as the campaign inches closer to a staggering 1 billion impressions on social media.

The 192countries campaign will run till the end of August and 8 lucky winners will stand a chance to experience a trip of a lifetime by visiting the birthplace of Heineken – Amsterdam and 3 other European cities.

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