House Of Reps Approves June 12 As Official “Democracy Day”

House Of Reps Approves June 12 As Official “Democracy Day”

By Taofeek Bankole

June 12 has officially been approved as Nigeria’s Democracy Day by the House of Representatives.

President Muhammadu Buhari made the proposal for the historical date to replace the current May 29 celebration.

Members of the House of Reps on Thursday (today) adopted the report on a bill seeking to amend the Public Holidays Act 2004. The amendments to three clauses ‎in the Act, as recommended in the report, were approved.

Buhari’s government was widely applauded for the decision which he announced months ago.

The day is special to many Nigerians as it was on that day in 1993 where late MKO Abiola won the presidential election that was later annulled by military head of state Ibrahim Babangida, throwing Nigeria into political crisis. Babangida infamously he was stepping aside for an interim government led by Chief Ernest Shonekan whose three-month administration was topped by General Sani Abacha. Abiola continued to demand his mandate and was detained by the Abacha government. He died in 1997 while still in detention.

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