How Hector Joberteh Was Murdered For N7,000

How Hector Joberteh Was Murdered For N7,000

By Joan Omionawele

One month after Nigerians woke up to the sad news of the assassination of Gulder ultimate search winner, Hector Joberteh, who was trailed to his house from the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, the Police Command’s Public Relations Officer, ASP Olarinde has paraded the suspects who carried the killing.

49-year-old Ismaila Adeyemi and two other members of his gang were reportedly arrested at Gasline in Ijoko area of Ogun state after which they confessed to the crime.

While narrating how Hector’s death was plotted, Ismaila Adeyemi, said that he did not set out to kill Hector, only that he was shot accidentally.

He said, ‘I knew KK through Nonso, whom I worked with in a filling station in Apapa some years back. I met Nonso about five months ago and I gave him the address of where I live in Sango Ogun State. KK just came back from abroad that time. I did not know who the man was before the operation. On that day, we parked at a filling station around his house and a lady came to meet KK. After a while, he received a call from the lady and we saw the man (Jobarteh) drove into the close.’

‘We followed him, but did not know where he entered. KK approached a woman and lied to her that the man’s car hit his and he sped off. He begged her to direct us to where the man entered and she did. When we got into the building, we saw the car and met another lady on the premises. KK asked the lady to lead us to the man’s apartment, but she declined. It was when he pointed a gun at the woman that she complied and took KK upstairs. He called us to come upstairs, but by the time we got to a living room upstairs, he had shot the man’s father in the hand’, a report from Lagos based television station TVC reports.

Ismaila then said it was the gunshot that led the late Hector out of the room, as he sought to know what was going on. ‘I did not shoot at all, although I was holding a gun too. I quarrelled with KK for shooting them, because our plan was just to rob. He threatened to shoot me and I kept quiet. It was a pair of shoes and flowers that were in the bag we collected from him. We didn’t find money there.

‘I took away only his white handset while KK went with the bag. I gave the phone to my brother, Usman, to help me sell it. He said he sold it for N7,000. I collected N5,000 and gave him N2,000.’
The Lagos Commisioner of Police also expressed his gladness at Ismalia’s arrest. ‘I am glad to announce to you that after weeks of extensive manhunt, the principal suspect, Ismail Adeyemi, who pulled the trigger that killed the victim, has been arrested and he confessed to the crime.’

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