How Nigerian Fans Are Reacting To Tiwa Savage And Wizkid’s “Fever” Video

How Nigerian Fans Are Reacting To Tiwa Savage And Wizkid’s “Fever” Video

By Onyinye Ugwu

Nigerians woke up today to the visuals of Wizkid‘s latest offering Fever. The song was released (along with Master Groove) on October 1. The video features singer Tiwa Savage – whose friendship with Wizzy has been a topic of many-a-discussion since last year. Their chemistry sizzled through the Meji Alabi visuals and Nigerians have A LOT to say about it. Check out some of the reactions below.

Obviously, Wizkid put Tiwa in the Fever video for the massive buzz and publicity.

But you can’t tell me nothing, they are knacking. If not, Tiwa should just kickstart her acting career properly because that intensive Vixen role deserves an Oscar.

— Iseunife The First (@Shawnife_) October 24, 2018

Why did Wizkid have to use Tiwa of all the girls and models in this world.. he chose Tiwa.
Why? Because he wants y’all to talk.
And now we are talking.
Everyone wants to see the fever video.
Wizkid will be smiling to himself now thinking, “I don catch all these fish”😭😭😭😭😭

— Queen of thoughts (@Lauree_el) October 24, 2018

So STEW means Smash Tiwa Every Week…

— follow back please…. (@kingboluwatife) October 24, 2018

Teebillz: wizkid, y u dey do me like that?

Wizkid: tiwa is my school mummy naw😢

Tiwa: wizzy bby, mummy have stew for u☺❤

— Banku sauce🇳🇬🇬🇭🔥 (@AzubikeArinze) October 24, 2018

Trust me Fever Video is done on purpose, Wizkid and Tiwa wants to shake social media and get you talking. Well planned..

— ESV Sewa 👑 (@Duchess_Tweets) October 24, 2018

First things first, Wizkid is an Omo Ake 😂😂. I knew it was Tiwa all along. Man knows Nigerians don’t mind their business, so he’s gonna make them talk forever.

— Conradinho🇳🇬 (@conradlomo) October 24, 2018

Forget about Teebillz, that’s Tife’s starboy necklace on Tiwa.

— Ugly Professor 🤒 (@triumphantell) October 24, 2018

You see, Nobody should come here on this twitter and tell us Wizkid and Tiwa are not knacking…I don’t care if ppl are saying it’s stunt. In every lie, there’s an iota of truth

— FEYISAYO (@_Feyola_) October 24, 2018

This was Wizkid after he finished shooting the “Fever” video with Tiwa Savage.

— Wᴏʟᴇ́ (@Kingwole) October 24, 2018

Listen guys, this man @wizkidayo is mad, this guy has loads of mad songs he could’ve made a video for. But nah! He went for the one you guys called shit. Added tiwa savage again. Talk about taking control of your narrative. Maddddd!!

— ŁĘØŃ (@martinsnoel1) October 24, 2018

After watching Wizkid’s fever video I deduced 3 things

— Korede (@aoasuni) October 24, 2018

The next time Teebillz catches Wizkid in Lagos, it’s going down.

— Wᴏʟᴇ́ (@Kingwole) October 24, 2018

Teebillz : Wizkid is my kid bro,he can’t do anything with my Tiwa

a few moments later*

Wizzy:Tiwa,say my name

Tiwa:Starr boyy

Wizzy:I can’t hear u😩

Tiwa:Daddy yo

Wizzy:You loyal
Come sit on daddy nd wear Tife’s chain

Teebillz:There’s stew in my eyes o😭
Everywhere stewwww

— Tega🔥 (@ehte_) October 24, 2018

As if he knew what he will cause, Wizkid only had this to say.

God blessing my brothers ❤️

— Wizkid (@wizkidayo) October 24, 2018

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