How To Style The Classic White Shirt for Work (1)

How To Style The Classic White Shirt for Work (1)

By Mary Lawrence

The White Shirt is perhaps the most useful fashion piece that has ever existed, from being the invaluable part of a suit for guys to being the professional style saviour for Ladies. From time memorial, the White Shirt has been an indispensable and irreplaceable fashion piece for every closet.

As indispensable a piece as it is though, a lot of fashionistas still fall short when it comes to styling it. From the styles I see around, the White Shirt has become a bland piece that rarely gives any spice to the looks, maybe its the fact that it is now an everyday piece, or perhaps because a lot of people don’t even know how to style it (well other than the uniform wear it on a black or navy skirt) If you’re as interested in changing this as I am, see a few tips to guide you below.

Buy the right piece

Like I always say, the magic doesn’t happen when you wear it, it happens when you buy it, because what you buy is what you’ll ultimately wear. It’s better to invest time in selecting the right fashion forward pieces that suits your body type than just buying anything that happens to be on the store rack. Bear in mind that fashion has moved beyond your mother’s generation and a little cut and flare wouldn’t hurt your skin. When in doubt of what to buy, engage a stylist or ask for the help of a stylish friend or family (who doesn’t share the same size with you).

Bring a fresh style

There’s nothing as boring as styling the White Shirt the same way over and over again. We already know it looks nice on pencil skirt but can you introduce us to the unusual? Can we try it on a jump suit? Or maybe we can we tweak the old pinafore look and create something fresh. Style might be all about you but it’s definitely not boring so maybe it’s time to leave the boring side to pyjamas and step out stylish during the day time (hope you get it)

Personalize your style

It’s okay to flip through glossy magazines and scroll through Instagram for style inspiration, but it’s not okay to end it there. No one likes a copy better than the original if you don’t own it. The only way you can win the battle of who wore it better is if you bring something unique to the style. That won’t happen if you wake up in the morning, pick out your white shirt pair it with a pant or skirt. It will actually happen on a day you’re not pressed for time and can look into you closet to create a new look and see how it fits in the mirror.

Spice it up

My rule for any piece that doesn’t stand out is to balance it with a striking piece. If my shirt happens to be white collared with no design whatsoever, I look for a colourful brooch. On some occasion I’ve even used my pair of earrings to make magic on the collar (Remember always think outside of the box). Style is limitless, fashion is creative and the fact that it is fluid is what makes it evolve continuously. So next time you look in the mirror and your white shirt is not popping, bring out your accessories box and make magic!

I’ll always remember Lisa Folawiyo’s words that changed the way I saw fashion, ‘A lady must shine, A lady must bling, A lady must sparkle’. I believe there’s no exception to these words even when you’re rocking the ‘bland’ white shirt. Create something fresh, look different, make magic!

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