I’m Not Pregnant With 2kay’s Baby, He Just Wants People To Remember His Name- Gifty

I’m Not Pregnant With 2kay’s Baby, He Just Wants People To Remember His Name- Gifty

By Joan Omionawele

Gifty with the sauce

In the past few days, Big Brother Naija contestant Gifty Powers has been reported by several news outlets to be pregnant for dancehall artiste Mr 2kay.

The two had once being a couple and had traded subliminals on social media. 2kay himself went on a television show where he blamed the ‘horoscope for his failed relationship with Gifty.

However, reports of Gifty’s pregnancy and the alleged prospective father made the rounds, forcing the actress to announce on Instagram that Canadian rapper is the only one she wants to be pregnant.

NET reached out to her and she bared her mind on Mr 2kay and the pregnancy allegations.

How have you been since you left the Big Brother house.
It’s been really crazy, I have been filming and getting busy with the production of my beauty products. You know a lot of people have been asking me how I take care of my skin. Thus, I have been overwhelmed with orders and consultations that I barely have time for myself.

News got out that you are currently pregnant for Rising Star, Mr 2kay, is this true?
‘If there is anybody to get pregnant for, it will be a great pleasure to be pregnant for Drake. Maybe this is Mr 2kay’s strategy of reminding people of who he is, everyone has their strategy of staying in the limelight and I guess this is one of his strategies. I am too busy with my business that I don’t have time for talk.’

Are you saying that movie when you were looking pregnant is from a movie set?
Anyone can look pregnant, but I am not pregnant, I don’t want to comment on this because I really don’t know what people are saying but I know that people will always talk. People still talk about Barak Obama, even before Jesus was born, he was talked about, who am I for people not to talk about me?

Mr 2kay recently said he opened all your social media handle for you and even helped you before you went to the BigBrother house….

I am not denying that fact, but everybody has his own strategy, and this is his own strategy.

But you have also been posting half nude pictures on Instagram, Are you trying to be like Kim Kardashian?
(Laughs) Well, the question I will always ask people is, shey my face dey show for there? It may not have been me.

Is it true that you are hiding in Badagry?
I am not hiding from anybody. I actually go all around to shoot my movies and help people through my foundation, why should I hide?

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