#InstagramDown: See How Twitter Users Reacted To Instagram Shutting Down Earlier Today

#InstagramDown: See How Twitter Users Reacted To Instagram Shutting Down Earlier Today

By Oluwatosin Ajayi

Popular photo and video sharing social media app, Instagram, reportedly crashed earlier today for about 30 minutes, causing panic and uneasiness for its users.

The app has about 800 million users with 500 million of them active on a daily basis, including business pages, so it’s understandable that some of them were unhappy.

Following the incident, users on Twitter have been commenting and some of it is just so hilarious.

Read below-

When #instagramdown and Slay Queens know that is the end of their career. pic.twitter.com/kjbL9aozP4

— Oba Of Nigeria (@UrbanCulture16) October 3, 2018


#Instagramdown just when I made up my mind to shoot my shot..
Is that a sign? pic.twitter.com/pwhAk3jzMW

— IF££™the Savage🇳🇬 (@Ifethe3rd) October 3, 2018


Welcome all instagram user 🙌🙌🙌… Here is a place where those memes u see on instablogs are created. A place where not just anything goes 😊#instagramdown

— 9jasavage.✝✝🇳🇬#TeamKaptionThis (@_iamRemy_) October 3, 2018


Twitter knowing Instagram is down 😂😂😂#instagramdown pic.twitter.com/sBtVqbe8eM

— Fash Ola (@fasehunola2) October 3, 2018


Instagram crashes, we all come to twitter to check if it’s same with everyone.
What’s gonna happen when twitter crashes? #instagramdown

— S̷l̷i̷m̷n̷o̷b̷l̷e̷ 🇳🇬 (@noble_kenson) October 3, 2018


I’d like to welcome everyone who’s here because Instagrams down. Here have a cup of tea ☕️ you’ll find lots here 🐸 #instagramdown pic.twitter.com/P7S6dD39s5

— ig: anxietyprince.ss ✨💫 (@anxietyprincxss) October 3, 2018


Instagram people:

Where we should go !! Twitter !! Facebook !!? pic.twitter.com/1X8IdpNLYo

— Deemah (@De9011) October 3, 2018

Instagram being down is not a police matter. You can post photos of food again soon enough #NoFilter #InstagramDown

— Queensland Police (@QldPolice) October 3, 2018


What if Insta is being reset to default & when it comes back, everyone has 0 followers. pic.twitter.com/tzb2mUsxlE

— Shaun (@ShaunBrazoe) October 3, 2018

Instagram goes down.

Everyone:#instagramdown pic.twitter.com/6prA4HUm3e

— MudaBlu (@BluMuda) October 3, 2018

#instagramdown What do I do next God pic.twitter.com/EEbbPFRNQz

— okiki (@okiki__dft) October 3, 2018

#instagramdown Jack Dorsey be like… pic.twitter.com/SPiZEiBIkc

— Fajar Muttaqin (@alfifajar20) October 3, 2018

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