Joe Budden Says He’s Been A Better Rapper Than Eminem | Twitter Reacts

Joe Budden Says He’s Been A Better Rapper Than Eminem | Twitter Reacts


Retired rapper turned broadcaster, Joe Budden is currently the number one trending topic on Twitter and this is because he made a ballsy claim of being a better emcee than popular rapper and labelmate, Eminem.

“I’ve been better than you this entire fucking decade”, Budden snapped in response to Eminem’s diss directed at him on his just-released Kamikaze album. On the song, Fall which is the albums 10th track, Eminem threw shots at Joe, accusing him of being an abuser. “Somebody tell Budden before I snap, he better fasten it or have his body bag get zipped. The closest thing he’s had to hits is smackin’ bitches”, said Eminem.

See you guys tmw at 8am sharp…. #joebuddenpodcast

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Joe Budden’s response came in a short clip which is from a forthcoming episode of his popular podcast. “Newsflash Em. I heard the album. And because I think you don’t really know all the members that were in the group, I don’t think you really know our history. Let me tell you what Joe Budden has thought this entire time. I’ve been better than you this entire fucking decade. Huh? Can’t say that back then. But in my rapper brain, I’m a content nigga. You gotta say something. You have not said anything for the better part of a whole fucking decade. You have rhymed a bunch of words”, Budden asserted.

The release of this clip has sent the internet into a buzz as fans have begun to take sides in the argument of who is a better rapper between Joe and Em.

See some reactions below.

Joe Budden has lost every beef he has ever had and was the worst rapper in Slaughterhouse but he think he’s better than Em 😂💀

— Brandon The Truth 💯 (@Brandon_Nocaute) September 5, 2018

Joe Budden saying he’s a better rapper than Eminem on a podcast instead of on a song…..the biggest joke of 2018

— laia the capricorn 🥩 (@onlyslimshady) September 5, 2018

Ahn ahn what’s up with this Joe Budden guy??

Joe Budden once released a song; “slaughtermouse” were he stated his admiration for Eminem and dedicated the song to Eminem

And now he’s claiming he’s been a better rapper than Eminem in the last decade???

What’s going on?

— Kunle (@kice_adekunle) September 5, 2018

Wait so the Joe Budden that got bodied by Drake is the same Joe Budden that say’s he’s better than Eminem for the last decade. 😂 Maaan Nigga is on drugs popin pills again. 😂

— Dr_ Aftermath® (@BIGXolo) September 5, 2018

So many rappers better than Eminem like Joe Budden said the mans just put together a bunch of words that rhymes and rap about nothing

— The Instigator (@Am_Blujay) September 5, 2018

Some people forget Eminem brought Joe budden back from the dead when Eminem created slaughter house… If eminem never did that… Would Joe haVe a podcast today?

— Ikenga (@K4N3BI) September 5, 2018

Joe Budden is one of the greatest lyricists we’ve ever had in hip hop PERIOD. He’s one of the few lyricists that can make good music while still giving good content & great lyrics. You will only know this if you’ve listened to his music. Not heard… LISTENED.

— Karabo Motsoane (@Tswana_Guy3) September 5, 2018

I want you all to know that Joe Budden would hurt Eminem lyrically.

— 👨🏽‍🔬🎾 🔳ARMANI 🔳👨🏽‍🔬🎾 (@WeLoveArmani__) August 31, 2018

Joe Budden says since 2008 to 2018, he been better than Eminem

— RT my pinned Tweet (@Somnyanya) September 5, 2018

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