#LFDW:Some Of The Confusing Fashion We’ve Seen So Far

#LFDW:Some Of The Confusing Fashion We’ve Seen So Far

By Adeoluwa Atayero

Admittedly we’re not the biggest fashion experts; that’s why we have family over at 234Star.com. You should check out their excellent coverage of the 2017 Lagos Fashion and Design Week.

But from our untrained eye, we’ve spotted some fashion styles at the weeklong event that are head-scratchingly confusing. Not that they’re bad o! Just confusing.

1. The 90’s vibe that just didn’t quite connect.

2. Nothing exactly wrong until you see the shoelaces.

3. Someone needs to tell this brother: he’s no Andre Leon Talley.

4. Too much sheen, not enough swagger.

5. Is it a bird? Is it a ninja? Issa no.

6. LFDW, not NYFW. It’s 32 degrees Celcius in Lagos!

7. Dirty dreads. Graphic poop shirt. Camel toe. Nothing here is attractive.

8. It was at this point that we became speechless. No words.

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