‘Lol. False Prophet’- Reactions Trail M.I Abaga’s New Single

‘Lol. False Prophet’- Reactions Trail M.I Abaga’s New Single

By Vheektor Okpala

Last weekend, Nigerian Hip hop legend M.I Abaga caused a stir with the release of a new single themed ‘You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Lives’. You can call it an open rebuke, a honest attempt to reignite Nigerian Hip Hop or a dire case hypocrisy; but all together, it is sparking needful conversations.

Not so many mainstream rappers who are more so the target of the record have reacted, but Vector tha Viper, former Chocolate city signee; Milli, Kead and a few underground hip hop cats have responded to the song.

One of the many subjects that M.I pointed out was that rappers are switching lanes to identify with the pop genre in a bid to get more gigs, build a larger fanbase and land endorsement deals.

“Rappers are singing now just to get popular (yuck)

I just been watching like I’m at the opera

I should’ve brought my binoculars

‘Cause I don’t see nobody dope

I don’t see nobody great

I don’t see nobody serious ’bout taking my place.”

Vector who over time has been known to be very open about his thoughts on the state of Nigerian hiphop interjected M.I’s assertion in a series of tweets explaining that whatever genre a rapper chooses to jump on doesn’t matter because a lot of time, those who stay dedicated to the hip hop genre go broke as a result of less opportunities and the same hip hop community will lash at you when you’re broke.

the problem we have is not the form of music we decide to make… we are #Nigerians, we master any art from we are interested in.

— #SonOfLAFIAJI #David (@VectorThaViper) October 21, 2017

and all of you arguing, if you ever dissed a rapper and called him/her broke when they ask if he/she was dope Then… bros, d mata pass you!

— #SonOfLAFIAJI #David (@VectorThaViper) October 21, 2017

For Kead; the rapper who seemingly triggered these conversations with his open letter to M.I, insists that M.I betrayed the hip hop community – leaning on the idea that M.I Abaga led music label Chocolate city has supported more commercial musicians than it has supported rappers since M.I took up the leadership role.

What Hip Hop hates is weakness and betrayal… But I guess its all love. We finally getting it right 💪 #SaveHipHop

— Kuro Out Now (@KING_KEAD) October 21, 2017

Rapper Milli who was a member of chocolate city simply reacted to record with a tweet that suggests M.I a false prophet.

Lol, false prophet

— Milli WorkOutNow (@SAVEMILLI) October 21, 2017

These mixed reactions were both expected and very needful – as dialogue often birth redemption.

Rappers like Olamide, Phyno, Ice Prince, Reminisce, Ycee and a few other mainstream rappers are yet to respond to the record but one hopes that instead of tweeting, they might vent in a few bars.

M.I Abaga is expected to put out his fourth studio album Yung Denzl anytime from this moment and You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Lives is clearly a build up to the release of the tape.

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