M.I Abaga vs N6: A Case Of Childish Name-calling And Disheartening ‘Handfalling’

M.I Abaga vs N6: A Case Of Childish Name-calling And Disheartening ‘Handfalling’

By Vheektor Okpala

Since releasing his controversial ‘You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Lives’ track, rapper M.I Abaga has been the target of many hiphop heads, music analysts and pop culture enthusiasts. Some of his colleagues have thrown subtle shots and of course, while some have used the furore surrounding the song to air their longstanding ‘beef’ for the Choc City President.

But on Friday morning, the stakes became higher (or lower) following a series of tweets by a fan, FemiFactor who countered MI on a number of points raised on the infamous YRSFUYL.

A few of the many arguments that were raised by Femi is the fact that young rappers are victims of the system and failings of the OG’s. While explaining, the Twitter user shared SoundCloud links to some of the records that were made in response to the controversial track including that of former rapper and media personality, N6.

A life of his track goes ‘How did you let go of Pryse, her flow was the illest that shawty was nice. For three years you disappeared there was OLIC one, two and three. Never solo sold out Eko Hotel but you keep talking about retiring.’

M.I who had hitherto ignored the N6 track immediately reacted to this tweet and dismissed him as trash adding that he’s a failed emcee who has now resorted to reaping off young artistes.

N6 is trash.. don’t blame the industry for him.. a former creative that now wants to suck young artists blood!!! Vampire

— Yung denzL (@MI_Abaga) November 10, 2017

For a media professional who should have a certain way with words, N6’s reply to MI seemed light on facts and heavy on sexual slurs, calling MI a ‘homosexual’.

Listen here, u ClosetHomosexual Midget, you have Nothing on Me. Your dumb ass YRSFUYL concept didn’t fly. 1 track from me had ur Entire Label TwitterFingering. I dare u to get in d Booth. I WILL DECIMATE YOUR ENTIRE LEGACY. Keep playing with Me. Bitch. https://t.co/uDkvEFrPTz

— #BiznessB4Pleasure (@N6OFLIFE) November 10, 2017

In truth, M.I has in the past been very opposing of the anti-gay law in Nigeria. During a certain Middle Ground podcast episode that featured Abaga a few months ago, the rapper had voiced his support for LBGTQs.

‘It’s not my business what anybody does. And what I mean by that is it’s my privacy. Everybody has a right to their privacy’ he said. ‘I would never want to be punished for who I am; because of this, I wouldn’t punish someone else for who they are. Cheating and adultery are wrong but they are not criminalized and no form of consensual adult expression of love should be my opinion.

A few cheeky individuals also spotted what looked like more than artiste-manger love when he wished his longterm manager Abuchi a happy birthday some weeks ago by using the ‘terrifying’ eggplant emoji.

Sigh. And he wasn’t done. Chocolate City dj, DJ Lambo got in the fray and told N6 to pipe down and accused him of begging them for handouts. N fired back with another slur and threatened to beat her.

I On Purpose did not Mention your Name in my Reply. But since u wanna talk d Most Shit. I expressly give u 24hrs to bring Proof of this Bullshit Tweet. Or when next I see you I will PHYSICALLY HANDLE YOU like the MAN YOU ARE SO BADLY DYING TO BE. #GetReady https://t.co/c4Ewc9m5Dg

— #BiznessB4Pleasure (@N6OFLIFE) November 10, 2017

See this CrossDressing Smello. Na U gangan dey Make Chairman look like Queer.

— #BiznessB4Pleasure (@N6OFLIFE) November 10, 2017

As one lives in a world where Donald Trump, warts and all, is the most powerful man in the world who resorts to namecalling at every perceived offence, it is not that shocking to see N6 make claims about his sexual status of people he’s tweetfighting. We don’t know if it’s true and neither do we care.

Speaking of tweetfighting, it is beyond that MI with all his greatness, also cannot rise above virtual barbs. Since his legacy has been questioned by the hosts of Loose Talk, he seemingly cannot ignore criticisms and reacts to almost everything. On the contrary, his South African counterpart Casper Nyovest is in the news for something else entirely; he was quoted as saying on local radio that he has gone broke trying to organize his headline show. The 90,000 capacity stadium is a long shot by a rapper and he’s attempting to #FillUpFNBStadium. He’s filled up a 20,000 arena before, something that our very own self-titled The Greatest has not yet done.

MI may have been correct on YRSFUYL that he doesn’t see anyone threatening his legacy; yet his legacy is under threat by he himself, who by these outbursts is slowly but surely chipping away at his greatness. Somebody make him stop.

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