Meet Michael Dapaah: The ‘ Mans Not Hot’ Rapper That Everyone Is Talking About

Meet Michael Dapaah: The ‘ Mans Not Hot’ Rapper That Everyone Is Talking About

By Adeoluwa Atayero

The meme and viral video archive welcomed a new addition this past weekend thanks to British – Ghanaian comedian, Michael Dapaah. You may know Michael as the ‘Man’s not hot’ guy in a video featuring a rapper ‘dropping bars’ in the BBC Radio 1Xtra studio booth earlier this week.

Dapaah plays two characters: MC Quakez and Roadman Shaq. Roadman Shaq- the rapper with the black jacket, is the one who spits the bars that became an internet sensation.

Please what is he spitting 😩

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The ridiculous lyrics of the rapper have found new life in reaction videos and memes created by different social media users all around the world. The song has even gone on to be played at clubs and parties.

“Mans not hot, I tell ’em mans not hot..don’t tell me take off my jacket, mans can never be hot—perspiration ting,”

Contrary to popular belief, Michael Dapaah is actually not a rapper. Well, not a real one. The London based actor, who is also a comedian and a presenter, was simply playing around with his rapping alter egos.

He also had a brief role on the British-Nigerian family comedy sitcom, Meet The Adebanjos. However Dapaah is not just some random guy who became a viral sensation. Not only has Mr. Dapaah studied acting with the National Youth Theatre, but he is also holds a Bachelor’s degree in television, film and theatre.


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Dapaah has been making smart moves to ride the wave of his new found fame. He has created merchandise for the famous catchphrase and has continue to share and release content for the viewing pleasure of his fans.

Without a doubt, Michael has delivered one of the most hilarious videos in 2017 as well as the most memorable episode of Charlie Sloth’s radio show, Fire In The Booth.

Is Roadman Shaq a one hit wonder or will Dapaah’s face be one that we will continue to see more and more of on the world wide web?

Only time will tell.

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