My Super Eagles Dome Experience

My Super Eagles Dome Experience

By Twixy

I have been an avid football fan as long as I can remember. I remember neighbors coming to my house to watch matches and my mum becoming a caterer in a span of seconds bringing out drinks and cups for our parlor turned bar, so when Star Lager opened the Super Eagles Dome I was excited.

The first time I went to the Super Eagles Dome which is located at the Eagles Club, Adeniran Ogunsanya, Surulere was during the Nigeria vs Argentina match.

The first thing that caught my eye was the big Star Lager balloon and the entrance made of crates of Star. It was an ingenious idea. There were also screens that were showing slides on the history of football in the tunnel that led to the main center. I stopped to actually watch how the Nigerian Football team evolved from the Red Devils to the Green Eagles to the Super Eagles. Past and current jerseys were also displayed in glass casings like a mini museum.

Everything in the Dome was organized. There was the mini studio where the football legends and analyst stay, the Green room where artistes hang out, the VIP section with walls lined with Star Lager Beer and the main viewing center with lots of screens providing a 360 degree view. You could literally watch the match everywhere you turn.

The match was very tense but the joy in watching it at the Dome is knowing whatever facial expression or mood you had on, there was another person next to you that had a more dramatic one. When Victor Moses scored the goal the Dome came alive. People were cheering wildly. Everyone, even the ‘posh’ people sitting in the VIP area were screaming; this mood however changed by the end of the match. Even 2 minutes to the end of the match, I remember one man on my table saying we shouldn’t undermine what God can do, he can still work some miracles

Skales who performed that day tried to lift everyone’s spirit but his stunning performance didn’t do anything to stop the tears from the man seating two seats away from me. He apparently lost a bet. Other people were moody too, but I didn’t mind. I just kept on dancing because I can’t come and kill myself.

After Skales performed, LaffUp kept the audience laughing and a raffle draw was held. Some people won generator sets, TVs and other prizes. I had so much fun that I was so sad when it was time to leave.

My Super Eagles Dome experience was as amazing as it could get.

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