NBC Suspends AIT and Ray Power’s License Indefinitely

NBC Suspends AIT and Ray Power’s License Indefinitely

By Mofijesusewa Samuel

The Nigerian Broadcasting Commission has suspended the license of Daar Communications, management of AIT and Ray Power indefinitely. This means that their operations will be shut down until the suspension on their license is lifted.

However, Mr Dokpesi who owns DAAR Communications has accused the government of clamping down on their rights to freedom of speech and intimidating his media operations. Although the nation’s broadcasting regulator, NBC had earlier accused AIT of violating broadcast rules in some of its programmes.

Director-General of NBC, Modibbo Kawu, announced the shutdown on Thursday evening of the media body. In the release they sent out regarding the suspension, the regulatory agency said that or two years they had contacted the media house on its type of content. They claimed that AIT and Ray Power have been using hate Speech, divisive and inciting comments in the discussion of national issues.

This came just hours after the staff of DAAR communications had protested being victimized by the government. Mr Dokpesi had led his staff members and supporters to the U.S. Embassy in Abuja to protest this alleged victimisation.

Mr. Dokpesi has refused to go down without a fight and has declared that he will be challenging the punitive measures taking against his media house.

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