#NECLive7: Why We Started ‘Spontaneity’”- Alibaba

#NECLive7: Why We Started ‘Spontaneity’”- Alibaba

By Prince Etim

The final panel session at NEC Live 7 was focused on comedy. Legendary comedian Alibaba hosted the “Spontaneity” panel and was joined by OmoBaba, SLK, Forever and MC Abbey.

While explaining why it was important for comedians to be able to create off-the-cuff jokes, he shared his vision for creating the Alibaba’s Spontaneity competition which discovers fresh comedy talent by testing their extemporaneous abilities.

“Fans were complaining that jokes were being recycled. Comedians were stealing one another’s jokes. Being spontaneous is a character true comedians must have. You must be able to make jokes out of anything, right away.”

The comedians were then joined on stage by Tee A, a fellow comedian and host of NEC Live.

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