Nigeria: What Really Is Our Problem?

Nigeria: What Really Is Our Problem?

By Binyelum Ewulluh

It’s a Super Story…. It’s a super stoooooooory! I feel like yelling the song so that the whole world can hear my off tune voice! That is what our country has become – a very sad, standing-ovation-inducing episode of Super Story.

I was disturbed to find out that MTN had been fined the staggering sum of over $8bn for supposed repatriation of fund. Then the story changed right before our eyes when we found out that it was in fact four (4) banks that were fined and not MTN. However, MTN is supposed to refund these banks involved in the supposed infractions.

Whhhhhhhhhhhhhat? There are thousands of overqualified unemployed graduates roaming the streets and mulling the options of kidnapping kingpins, armed robbery expert or resident child abductor. There are millions of Nigerians living painfully below the poverty line. There are hundreds of Nigerians being killed because the country doesn’t have the manpower to take care of its beloved residents. We are some months away from what is looking to be a charade of an election. Hard working Nigerians are selling their votes for bags of rice because we live in a country that eats its own alive.

These and so much more is happening at this moment in our country. We need actual flow of money from the top to the bottom, not looters hoarding money that six generations away will squander aimlessly. Yet, the few companies that have decided to invest in the country, that have employed thousands of nIgerians around the country, that has provided billions of naira in various projects, a company that is ACTUALLY HELPING THE COUNTRY, is being chased around because of political vendetta?!

And the saddest thing is that people haven’t actually sat down to think of the repercussions of what will happen if MTN leaves this country, or chokes out that money or if those banks are fined that hefty sum. We will be in REAL TROUBLE! You are wondering how that concerns you. My friend, everything that happens in the stock market affects everyone right up till the 5 year old in Primary school shouting the 2 times table right now.

So while my country men in the corridors of power are busy looking for ways to rob multinationals to fund an election with people decamping around like blind mosquitoes on steroids, I will continue shouting till someone hears my vocals and saves me from a country that wants to kill me before I have even become anything!

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