#NigeriaAt58: See What The Hashtag Says As Nigerians Online Reflect On Independence Day Celebration

#NigeriaAt58: See What The Hashtag Says As Nigerians Online Reflect On Independence Day Celebration

By Oluwatosin Ajayi

Today, Nigeria celebrates its 58th independence anniversary. As is usual, it’s a time that calls for sober reflection for Nigerians as they share their opinions on the state of the nation.

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Using social media, having meaningful conversations and getting swift feedback has to become seamless, helping to collate the mindset of Nigerians who have been sharing their thoughts on the country through the #NigeriaAt58 hashtag which has been driving the conversations.

Nigerians indeed have a lot to say and we bring to you some of they are saying.

I hear Buhari warned all of us on social media in his Independence Day Speech. LMAO
He hasn’t seen anything yet.
Him never halla sef.

Ha ha ha Mr. Lifeless 🤣🤣🤣😂🤓

— Adeyanju Deji 🇳🇬 (@adeyanjudeji) October 1, 2018

My beloved friends who occupy their #OfficeOfTheCitizen, wishing us Hope in the midst of it all. “We believe in Nigeria and the promise she holds….. and that one day, we’ll shine like the sun…. We’re a great nation!”#NigeriaAt58 #HappyIndependenceDay58🇳🇬✅🙏🏾🚀 pic.twitter.com/CD2HOdPCIf

— Oby Ezekwesili (@obyezeks) October 1, 2018

A million complains without a single solution….. What is that??? #NigeriaAt58

— !amTHEkingofME (@kingsley4ud) October 1, 2018

If you want to progress in Nigeria the Government will cut out funds, destroy the roads, deny you electricity and seize fuel. #NigeriaAt58 https://t.co/OwoPuOzrlF

— AoL (@Abluck_AoL) October 1, 2018

Happy birthday @Nigeria. Stop living a lie and face the reality around you! #NigeriaAt58

— Peter Echemi (@pierreech) October 1, 2018

Leaving this country tops my priority list, i don’t know about you #NigeriaAt58

— Olabanji Oye (@king_yemix) October 1, 2018

Sometimes I wonder why i do follow politics the way i do but what I see is that it worth studying #NigeriaAt58

— Adewuyi👑 Jr 🇳🇬 (@oluwasegun_247) October 1, 2018

From the beginning you were taken over by Greedy men who took everything From You, Looted, Seen War, Left in Darkness, had Buhari destroy your economy twice & here you still are Surviving. You are your own Hero.


— KinG NomSo👑 (@ani_nomso) October 1, 2018

At 33 we had Hope ‘93-dashed!

Then @ 39,democracy was back-Hope!

It dimmed. Democracy led nowhere. Brutality&corruption continued. PDP threatened to rule for 60yrs!

Hope again @ 54! CHANGE came! We made it!

Now its #NigeriaAt58.

No change.

Hope lost.

Nothing to celebrate.

— Ayò Bánkólé (@AyoBankole) October 1, 2018

“Oh God of creation, direct our noble cause.

Guide our leaders right, help our youths the truth to know.

In love and honesty to grow and living just and true.

Great lofty heights attain.

To build a nation where peace and justice shall reign.”

RT = AMEN 🙏#NigeriaAt58 pic.twitter.com/ATwHSkfr5U

— Smiley (@Smiley_Africa) October 1, 2018

Dear @Nigeria please act your age.
58 years old is not a small number, slap leadership skills into your leaders head, have meeting with them and talk sense into their brain.

I wish you good luck

Happy Birthday to you. #NigeriaAt58⁠ ⁠ #HappyIndependenceNG

— Babalola Olufemi Joseph (@Iamfemijoseph) October 1, 2018

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