Nigerian Twitter Users Divided On The Latest Drama Between Wizkid And His First Babymama Shola Ogudu

Nigerian Twitter Users Divided On The Latest Drama Between Wizkid And His First Babymama Shola Ogudu

By Oluwatosin Ajayi

Wizkid‘s first baby mama Oluwanishola Ogudu took to social media yesterday to blast him by revealing details and WhatsApp chats of their rusty relationship after the singer allegedly labelled his baby mamas ‘money hungry hoes‘.

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The 27 year old mother took to Instagram to share screenshots as she berated the Stayboy Entertainment boss for not being available to take responsibility for his oldest son, Boluwatife, amongst other things.

Social media is currently in overdrive as fans continue to react to these new revelations as alleged by Shola.

Wizkid is a Nigerian international artiste who rose to fame in 2010 with the release of his song ‘holla at your boy’.

See some of the reactions below –

You don’t know your son’s name and DOB. Lol and then Spirit Airline really Wizkid? A whole Daddy Yo.

— BlacB (@BlacB) September 20, 2018

And from that chat I think she still has feelings for wizkid (I might be wrong) and it’s understandable as she was very young and she really liked him
But she needs to burn whatever like she still has for him with fire

— Ice T. (@BadmanSophss) September 20, 2018

Wow Wizkid’s chat with his babymama will you have you saying “men are really scum”.

“I wanna see him tomorrow”

Even a nanny shouldn’t get this kinda treatment irrespective of what transpired.


— Omope Abdul Azeez (@Iam_Abdulaxis) September 20, 2018

But you people… Does wizkid really have to talk to her? The only business he has with her is the child and he asked after his child. I’m not in support of his behaviour but she isn’t entitled to his time of day.

— susan (@wonu_ola_) September 20, 2018

4rm my point of view shola is contradicting their agreement making Wizkid 2 look bad, u can’t force a man into ur life back once he off his off. Baby mama is far clear 4rm a wife, wizkid just want d father n son relationship, my advice 2 ladies don’t engage in a fight u can’t win

— Ethel Moses (@Etebuddy1) September 20, 2018

I’m sorry, anyone that defends Wizkid on this issue is a terrible person. Idc

— Olori Spice, Adeflenjor, Omofaaji, Oluwayuppy (@msredlippie) September 20, 2018

If the babbymama feels wizkid aint there for the son let karma b the judge. She is actually feeling some form of entitlement and thats desperation. Wizkid is not God . she shld buckle up abeg and stop being desperate

— ESIRI.cyrus (@esiri2u) September 20, 2018

The screenshots of Wizkid & his baby’s mother are quite disturbing and uncomfortablee. Anyone can have children but not everyone is responsible to raise them. Don’t bring children into this world if you can’t be bothered to be responsible enough to care about their upbringing.

— 👑 DaddyMO 👑 🚀♠️ (@officialdaddymo) September 20, 2018

Summary of what I learnt from the Wizkid debacle

-Iya Bolu still loves Wiz
-Wizkid barely tolerates her
-Buhari needs to go in 2019

— Otedola (@MrOkeke_) September 20, 2018

The only ones who suffer when it comes to this absent fatherhood thing is the mother and the child especially if the man is rich or famous, ladies avoid that headache.
Wizkid will drop single and everyone will dance and move on but her challenges remain.

— KT (@kingtobbie) September 20, 2018

I took my time to read all those long ass screenshots hoping to see one thing incriminating wizkid but all I saw was a young woman desperate for the attention and love of the man that knocked her up. It’s sad that after all this time she’s yet to get the memo.

— Hatshepsut, She-King (@lissabby000) September 20, 2018

I think Wizkid despises her & feels stuck with her. And she’s having to deal with all of that. That’s a very uncomfortable position for either of them. Cringeworthy.

— Abimbola O’larry Turner (@Clan_Clueless) September 20, 2018

I am a wizkid stan but when you see the truth my g, speak it. Leave bias aside

— KVNG (@PRINCE_VIIII) September 20, 2018

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