‘Nigerians don’t appreciate songs with content’ – Emma Nyra

‘Nigerians don’t appreciate songs with content’ – Emma Nyra

By Lukmon Fasasi

Emma Nyra

Nigerian singer, Emma Nyra, says dance songs with little content are the fad in Nigeria because music fans don’t appreciate songs with content.

According to the former MMMG singer in an interview with Hip TV, until the fans show more love for music with content, dance songs would continue reigning.

‘[In] our industry, releasing songs with content has proven that our target market likes to dance.’

‘And that’s why you see some of the artistes in Nigeria release ‘gben gben to de gben gben’ because that’s where the money is,’ she said.

‘If you want artistes to change what they are releasing, our consumers also need to appreciate when artistes do R&B and songs that have meaning.

‘So if you celebrate more musicians that have more content, the content would change.

‘Music goes around in a trend and right now, we have a trend of dance music and until that stops reigning, content is just going to be how it is.’

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