Original ‘Godzilla’ actor, Haruo Nakajima dies aged 88

Original ‘Godzilla’ actor, Haruo Nakajima dies aged 88

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Haruo Nakajima, who wore the Godzilla suit in 12 Godzilla movies, died on Monday from pneumonia at the age of 88.

In an interview earlier this year Nakajima explained that the original 1954 costume was created from ready-mixed concrete and weighed up to 100kg.

He said he had to study animals in the Tokyo Zoo to prepare for his role.

Haruo Nakajima began as a stunt actor in samurai and other war films including “Seven Samurai” by Akira Kurosawa.

Haruo Nakajima
His last outing as Godzilla was in the 1972 film, ‘Godzilla vs. Gigan’

He first played Godzilla in the 1954 film titled Godzilla directed by Ishiro Honda and produced by Japanese film studio, Toho.

Nakajima went on to play the character in subsequent sequels as well.

His last outing in the suit was in the 1972 film, Godzilla vs. Gigan.

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