P-Square’s Big Brother, Jude Okoye & His Wife Just Welcomed A Baby Girl!

P-Square’s Big Brother, Jude Okoye & His Wife Just Welcomed A Baby Girl!

By Njideka Akabogu

Jude Okoye has been mostly quiet since the recent feud between his younger brothers, Peter and Paul Okoye of PSquare and the reason might be that he has been focusing on his own family.

By Osagie Alonge

Washed up. Has-been. Down and out. All these phrases have been used to describe Majek Fashek. The gifted musician, whose heydays in the 90’s earned him fans, fame, and fortune, spiraled into obscurity after moving overseas.

Back in Nigeria after over a decade in New York, where he battled with alcohol addiction and a host of other issues, NET spoke to the one-time reggae giant about his outlook on life, his beef with Ras Kimono, why he’s celibate, despite being married, and where he plans to go from here…

What was life like in New York?
New York is hustle, it’s just like Lagos.

Having spent a lot of time in both continents, where do you think you have the most fans right now?

I got fans here (Nigeria) and I got fans over there; the people in US feel my music a lot. I’ve been on international TV lots of times, but I had to leave there because they were sucking my blood. So I ran!

Please tell us about your time in the US…
I’d rather hold that back, I’m just glad I have peace of mind right now; you can have all the money in the world but end up dead or unhappy. Look at Abiola; they gave him tea to drink. I’m not a prisoner of conscience.

Are you back in Nigeria for good or are you going back to the States?
I’m going to be here for a year or two years

What are you working on while you’re here?
Four or five albums. I got a new album out but I’m working on another one to be released in Nigeria. My plan is to work with young Nigerian musicians. For now I’ve got two people in mind; 2face and Black Face.

What should we expect from your album?
Honestly, expect nothing but good music. I’m very confident about that. Do you know why I came back? My mission in Nigeria is to save the ‘Sceptre’.

What is the ‘Sceptre’?
(Laughs) It means ‘Lion of Judah’. I have come to save it because if Nigeria falls, Africa will fall. We need a revolutionary like me, not Ras kimono. Kimono wants to drive a car, wants to buy a house. I am the streets.

So you have beef with Ras Kimono?
Yes, he’s my rival. I’ve gone international; Kimono couldn’t go international because he was too local. Tell Kimono to bring it on!

Let’s talk about the women in your life…
I can’t tell you much about women right now because I’ve been celibate.

Why have you been celibate?
I wanted to be pure. I had to be celibate when I was leaving New York and returning to the Motherland. I only make love to the woman that loves me. I’m celibate.

But are you still with the woman that loves you?

What’s wrong with that? Celibacy has different definitions.

Do you believe in God?
I don’t play with God, why should I. He is the one that helps me. I’m not an atheist

Are you a Christian?
I’m not a Christian, I’m a Rastafarian. Not just any Rastafarian but a Jesus Rastafarian.

Let’s go back to the music. Why have you chosen to play at the New Afrika Shrine?
It’s because Fela’s children respect me. You know that I was their father’s boy.

Tell us about your relationship with Fela.
(Smiles) Fela was a great man. I can’t be like him, Fela would fight any politician. I can’t fight politicians, it’s not easy but I go carry their money waka, I’ll share their money to the poor just like Robin Hood. I won’t fight them, I’ll parley with them. Before Fela died, he prophesized second slavery. What is second slavery? Rich man go dey march poor man. So we have to attack the rich man, because if he takes over then we are in trouble. Me I don’t care, I have come back, if I die in the mission, no problem. I came to save the poor man; the poor man must not slave. I have suffered, they must not. It’s not money I mean, forget about money, I got money. The King of Benin is my uncle.

Do you like Femi Kuti and his music?
Of course I do. Femi is a true musician. I like Lagbaja too. These are great men, often criticized because they are not normal. (Chris Brown’s ‘with you’ comes on in the background) Now that’s music (points to speaker) I was in the studio with this boy once, fantastic singer.

How about our boys here?
Our boys never serious. Our boys are very good but don’t have direction, they are playing calypso music. (Points to the speaker again) Nigerian boys need to study sound. I studied Bob Marley that’s why the Jamaicans like me.

How was your experience when you went to Jamaica?
Jamaicans say they only recognize three musicians – Lucky Dube, Alpha Blondy and Majek. They don’t know Kimono.

What is one of your most memorable shows?
I’ve had too many shows to start recounting stories, just too many. I’m a stage performer. I thank God for giving me the blessing. I remember one 2face show in Canada; the producers forced me to open the show, I wasn’t happy because I wanted to perform last. Eventually I got on stage and shut the show down with my performance. When 2face got on stage, the crowd didn’t want to see him anymore.


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The talent manager and cinematographer just welcomed a baby girl with his wife, Ify and from this picture shared on Instagram, one can tell that he’s pretty over the moon.

The new bundle of joy named Eleanor is the couple’s second child and daughter.

Congrats to them!

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